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:: I'm currently going through the large list of those who've friended me on LJ and considering who to friend back. I swore I'd never do this again because going through this list is torture what with the empty journals, journals in foreign languages, and abandoned ones. What a chore! But today felt like as good a day as any to dive into the 500 plus who've added me over the years (Lord help me!).

:: Observation: If you have 7 Master/Sticky posts at the top of your LJ you might wanna consider consolidating them all into one. Just sayin'. Yikes.

:: Why do people friend me when we clearly have nothing in common??? WHY?????

:: LJ really should delete old journals more often. I've seen a ton already (and I'm currently only in the Ds) that aren't being used anymore. Why keep them around? They're like the worst kind of spam...that you can't delete. *sigh*

:: Seeing all the different LJ layouts is making me consider doing a major overhaul of mine. Maybe make the jump and use a custom-made one that I can tweak. *ponders*

Edit: Found a few LJ layouts that MAY work. And I'm currently halfway thru the list of LJ users who've friended me. Gah! This is taking FOREVER!

Edit 2: I'M DONE!!!!! \0/

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