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Daily Fanart: Jensen at VanCon 09

I think this was when he was asked if he'd ever been hurt while filming SPN.

Transcript from the wonderful spnchicago2008:

"I do remember in AHBL part II, when YED throws Dean into one of the tombstones and it comes up it's just before where Dean shoots him with the colt. I fell into the tombstone that they had softened on one side, but not on the other, it was a tombstone, and I fell so, I jumped back and hit it so hard, because I had a back pad on, but my elbow didn't have any pads, and I hit the corner of the stone right in funny bone - there's nothing funny about it, and It was Fred Lehne's coverage so it was over my shoulder, and I hit it so hard that my arm was shaking, and my hand felt like it was on fire. And I started tearing up, my eyes were welling, because it hurt so bad, and I had to continue to do the scene. We ended up doing it, but to this day, it's more sensitive than the one on my left arm."

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