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Tales From Auntie's House: Crap!

What is it with me and trees?

We just heard a big creak and crack and boom! Sure enough, the tree on the other side of the kitchen window has fallen over and is leaning on the roof here at my aunt's house. Pretty sure it's leaning out right above where I'm sitting here in the dining room. Peachy. :(

See...the house next door has been empty for over a year. And lately the guy back behind my aunt's house (he's Asian, that's all I really know)...anyway, someone from that house, I'm sure of it, has been going into the backyard next door and slowly cutting down the trees. Months ago I caught this guy back there, hacking at a tree near our backyard. He was using a little hacksaw and a crowbar of all things! He was being sneaky about it too, cause once he saw me he ducked down real quick behind the fence.

Anyway, he's been working on this tree by the kitchen window of my aunt's house. He did it back before the snowstorm in January and sure enough...the next night a big limb from that tree ended up falling on the roof. He eventually cut it down the rest of the way and somehow pulled it down off the roof.

Just yesterday (Friday) we could hear and see him doing it again...and here we are with what's left of the tree leaning on the roof!!! If he wasn't over there...trespassing and cutting down trees that aren't his...we wouldn't be having tree trunks falling on the house!!!!

I realize they're desperate for firewood ('cause we're thinking that's their only form of heat - that they don't pay for heat like we do) but enough is enough! I'd call the authorities but I can't prove who it is, I'm only speculating. I've never actually seen where the guy comes from, but I know he's old, with white hair, and is Asian. Plus, I know the guy in back of my aunt's place burns firewood A LOT. We often smell it in the house here and the other night when mom & I came home from supper it was so strong that I was nearly choking.

Anyway, since it's dark we can't see much right now. We'll have to wait until daylight to see what kind of damage has been done. Last time we couldn't see any outside damage, but that was just me and my cousin, K looking from the ground in the backyard. And that was a smaller limb than this one. This is the big trunk of the tree...basically all that was left to fall. I can only imagine there will be damage to at least the eaves this time. Grrrrr. >:[

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