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Prepare your inboxes

I'm tired of being a bad LJ friend. I said I was going to be better about replying back to comments this year and I'm determined to make that happen...even if I am a little over a month behind.

Found where I left off the last time - Just 'Cause post from Jan. 15th and I'll start from there. Counted up 115 posts to reply to comments to. Shouldn't be too bad, right? :P

Luckily some posts only have one or two comments. Then there are others...phew!
But I'm not complaining. I love every comment I receive. Keep'em coming. *hugs* :D

Time to dive in as I work on the dishes this afternoon.

Oh, and if you're on my Flist...the before mentioned tree problem? Resolved & taken care of with no visible damage, thank goodness.

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