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Ready to Smash...Journal, that is

I'd been seeing pics and articles about Smash Journals online for a few weeks and last Thursday I found them in a local store on sale. I decided to go for it and get one, a red one, in fact.

What are Smash Journals, you ask? I think the company's video shows it best.

To see examples, check out their website: http://www.smashstoriesblog.com/

Anyway, I got the journal and one of the little Quote pads and that was about it (outside of the cool pens, which could be for anything).

You can also check out this post to see a pic showing some of the pages inside the red Smash Journal. More about the pages in a minute...

Now I've scrapbooked in the past and I've also made hand-stamped cards, so I've already got a lot of supplies on hand. I went over to the house and raided through my stash and came back with a small container of various papers, ribbons, threads, and assorted doo-dads.

Then yesterday I bought a few stickers: mostly some cool glittery letters and some pretty flowers. Oh, and some of the black polka-dotted tape that is one of the accessories for the Smash Journals. And this morning I had an epiphany...I finally knew what to do with my journal. It's basically going to be all about me (how original, I know). It'll show all my likes and hobbies. I've already got my list of subjects. Now it's just a matter of getting started. :)

Anyway, what I think attracted me most to this type of journal is that unlike most scrapbooks the pages aren't plain white. I get so intimidated by blank pages! With the Smash Journal there's already patterned pages and odd little notes and such. I can incorporate them or cover them up and do my own thing. Plus, the size is nice. Small, without being too small yet not ginormous either.

I'll keep you updated on how things go. :)

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