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VanCon 2012: Photo-op Tickets bought

The last important tickets have been purchased. Got my Photo-Op tickets for Jensen, Jared, and the 2 of them together. :) *squee*

Already have my Gold Ticket (C 19 - Woot!) and my Sunday Breakfast seat since metallidean_grl and I upgraded at last year's con. Hope my photography-fu works a lot better this year and I get some good shots. Last year was frankly, kind of disappointing. I've never had a closer seat, so I'm hoping this is the year I get it all to work right. *crosses fingers*

Still have some Photo-op tickets to get but I'm waiting with most of them until I'm there. Cheaper that way. Though I might get twitchy and go ahead and buy the Co-Stars Photo-Op with Jim and Misha if I feel they might sell out. Planning on getting the duel Photo-Op with Richard and Matt this time over single shots.

Haven't decided about photos with Julie (she's so small/short & I got a great pic w/her, Alona, & Traci back 09) or Russ yet. It'll probably be a spur-of-the-moment decision on those two. Besides...who knows if they'll spring some last minute awesome Photo-Ops on us like they did last year. :P

Anyway, one less thing to worry about...though now the credit card is smoking. LOL

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