raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Goodbye spn_party - I won't miss ya

After getting into a tussle with one of the mods, I've left the comm.

I certainly won't miss the place if this is the way they treat their members.
My comment was screened because it was "off topic" and the mod was afraid it would start wank.
All I did was ask why QAF gifs were being used so much on posts when it was a SPN comm? I was perfectly civil and polite. My comments were screened and the person behind me who praised the QAF gif was allowed to stay. Guess I know how my opinion counts. I mean it's a SPN comm, not one for QAF. I don't want to see gifs from any other show except SPN on the posts. That should be a no-brainer IMO. But this mod is a QAF fan and she's imposing her love of that show onto the comm. That's fine if she wants to post that stuff on her own journal, but keep it off the comm! The comm that's only about SPN! GRRRRRRRRR!

After going round and round with this mod through PMs I was told to "Please just breathe and stop jumping to conclusions." Yeah? Well enough is enough. I've left the comm and I'm not looking back.
all_spn is much more mature and understanding. I'm done with the other comm's crap and bias.

And to think I was in full support of them at the beginning and even offered to help them out with graphics and stuff.
What a waste.


Tags: livejournal, rant
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