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Testing 1...2...3...

I've had nothing but trouble with Twitter and Livejournal all day. :(

Did everything: tried different browsers (same problem with Chrome & FF), cleared the caches, etc, even restarted the PC. I've now gotten Twitter to behave *crosses fingers* but still struggling to get my LJ pages to load.

They take forever, if they load at all. I was amazed I even got this Post an Entry page to come up entirely. Meanwhile I've checked various sources and they say LJ is running fine. Guess it's just me. *sigh*

Have no idea what the problem could be. Did a full scan of the PC and it's clean. Other sites load fine, so it's not the internet. Everything was fine last night on the Mac. Grrrrrr. >:[

What this means about my posts that I do before I go to bed, I don't know. We'll see if this post goes through, but I do need access to the other posts to do the new ones. Gah!

If I can't post to LJ for any reason, I'll mention it on my Twitter: @Valerie613

Tags: livejournal, rant, twitter
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