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:: Twitter & LJ are working normally for me today. YAY!!!!! \0/ I can't tell you how much happier I am without having to fight with those sites all day.

:: Gen & Jared's little boy has a name! Thomas Colton. I like it. So glad they didn't go with one of those more "creative" names some Hollywood celebs seem to gravitate towards. *ahem*

:: There was a fire on the SPN production today. Thankfully nobody was hurt and it only effected the ADR truck (poor Don...all that equipment lost). Hope they have an alternate place to do their ADR work and that it doesn't effect their production schedule.

:: Having a very busy/hectic day, but still hoping to do my reviews of the last 3 SPN eps sometime tonight. *crosses fingers* Really want to be caught up for Friday's episode so I can post my thoughts on it soon after it airs.

:: Really need to get back to catching up on LJ comments this weekend. Still have do all of Feb. & this month. Oy.

:: Can I say how glad I am that I got my capping-fu back? I really can't keep a schedule up as far as posting them anymore, but at least I'm close to being caught up with the episodes to be capped. I want to thank everyone for their patience and appreciation. It means the world to me. ♥ :)

:: I really need to swap in some new icons. Some of them are getting a little...old. Or I need more space for icons. :P Don't make me give up my favorites LJ!!!

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