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First Impressions: 7x16 Out With The Old

Want to get this posted before tonight's new eppy.

Done in bullet points again. I think this is easier to read, yes? Hope you enjoy the recap and review of 7x16. :)

  • First of all, I have to squee because much of this episode was filmed in Fort Langley, one of my favorite filming locations, plus where I got to watch them shoot some of 7x05 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" back in August of 2011. It's also a sweet little town. :D

  • We start the ep with another bloody death. She literally danced her feet off. The ballet shoes are pristine though.

  • I know this park!!! It's the same park from the end of "Croatoan" and the beginning of "Hunted". This part is just closer to the entrance and when the boys drive away they're about to cross some very old (and bumpy) railroad tracks and go into town. The snow is oh, so pretty, too.

  • Anyway, I'm glad Sam's upfront with Dean about his troubles with Lucifer not leaving him alone. No more secrets, boys.

  • DEAN: If there's no more dancers to interview on this trip, it could be a bust. Although I hear they have good coffee in Portland.
    SAM: Dude, that's Seattle.

    Hee! Another Seattle reference. :P

  • Creepy ballet shoes. So not only can they teleport, they can magically transform themselves to the wearer's feet. Crazy. Luckily the boys get the shoes off the girl in time. Poor Dean though, getting kicked in the face twice!

  • So they're dealing with cursed objects again. My mom reminded me that they'd dealt with this stuff before ala "Bad Day At Black Rock".
    SAM: Next stop – “Out With The Old”. I suppose it's too much to hope that these shoes are the only thing in that store that we have to worry about.
    DEAN: Oh, what a dreamer you are.

  • Because Dean touched the shoes they magically move from the trunk to the inside of the car to be closer to him (awww LOL).
    SAM: Do they... look like they're... your size?
    DEAN: Shut up.
    SAM: Wait, a-are you –
    DEAN: Getting the strong urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes.
    SAM: You really did see "Black Swan."

  • I recognize that hardware store, too. It's not that at all, but the Planet Java Fifties Cafe where we ate lunch while watching them film 7x05. Great food, btw if you're ever in Fort Langley. ;)

  • So was Scott's mother a hunter or maybe more like Bela, someone who gathered and sold supernatural objects? Either way it looks like her son had no idea what she was into. Scary. Turns out he sold more of the cursed objects.
    SAM: Did it ever occur to you that these things might be locked in that safe for a reason?
    SCOTT: No, I-I just thought it was some of the junk that she had collected over the years. Like, I knew she was into some weird stuff, but I never thought that she would be, like –
    DEAN: Yeah, well, think again, okay? 'Cause this "junk" is killing people.

  • The teakettle death was pretty ugly. Yikes.

  • Loving the boys in those long coats! Too bad we didn't get to see enough of them. Future eps? Please???
    DEAN: All right, what do we got?
    SAM: She bought a tea kettle.
    DEAN: Tea kettle?
    SAM: Yeah. Hey, with enough curse mojo, you can turn a freaking pencil into a weapon of mass destruction.
    DEAN: Good times.

  • Did I see an eye roll from Dean when Sam used Bruce Hornsby as his name when calling in the gal's death? LOL

  • The boys split up for the next 2 objects: an old gramophone and a "vintage gentleman's magazine".
    DEAN: You know, I wonder how old porn kills you.
    SAM: Pretty sure you don't want to know.

  • The boys easily take care of those items, with Sam stopping a boy from stabbing his mother just in the nick of time.

  • Joyce and George are a trip. Totally didn't see them being Leviathans, btw. It'd been a crappy day and I wasn't firing on all cylinders, but whatever. Poor George though...talk about down-trodden and abused.

  • The Lamplighter Gallery Cafe where Dean is doing his research is a real coffee shop in Fort Langley. ;) Love the shot of him eyeing the pie. *g*

  • OMG Such a scary scene with Sam falling asleep and nearly getting into an accident with that semi! Yikes! Anyway, Dean thinks something is up with the new realty company in town that's taking over, not to mention Scott's mom suddenly dying right after she agreed to sell her shop.

  • You gotta love the silly names Dean and Frank use for each other. :P
    DEAN: Frank, hey, I don't mean to double-dip in your crazy sauce. No offense.
    FRANK: None taken, fudge pop.

    Anyway, Dean's hit a site he can't crack and asks Frank to help bust it. Naturally it's all tied to Dick Roman.

  • Uh oh, George has spotted Sam...knows the Winchesters are in town. This means bad news for the boys!

  • Sam joins up with Dean at the coffee shop and big brother notices he's not doing well with the not sleeping thing.
    DEAN: Okay, you know what? Enough with the insomnia crap. All right, Pacino? You need to crash. I'll keep working. You find a motel and get some sleep. Okay?
    SAM: It doesn't matter what I do, Dean. Lucifer will not shut up.
    DEAN: Even now?
    SAM: He's singing "Stairway to Heaven" right now.
    DEAN: Good song.
    SAM: Not 50 times in a row.

  • Sam's phone rings and it's Scott. He's being effected by a mirror.
    OMG Boys...IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!

  • How awesome that George actually helps the boys take out Joyce? True, he's still a Levi, but the boys aren't fools, they threaten him for some info. Luckily, he spills the big plan...Dick wants to cure the human race of cancer. It all makes sense really...the Leviathans want to eat us, so they're fattening us up (more Biggersons popping up with turducken sandwiches) and then make us healthy by knocking out cancer. Oh, and can I say yum to how Dean went all dangerous and badass towards George? *guh*

  • Awwww...How sweet was it when Dean mentioned using the Soft Rock station to lull Sam to sleep and little brother smiled. Sweet! Love those little brotherly moments that harken back to their younger days. :D Oh, and did you see the church from "99 Problems" on the left as the boys drove off? *g*

  • Oh no!!! Not. That. Song!!!! *doom and gloom* Sure enough, they show up at Franks RV and it's torn to pieces...and bloody. Bye, bye Frank. Pretty sure the levis found and ate him. :(

Cool episode, if only for the memorable filming locations. LOL Ok, it wasn't JUST that. Nice to get back to the big bad of the season at last. Sorry to see Frank go, but then again he really wasn't buddy-buddy with the boys, so it's not a huge loss either. Just another resource gone. *sigh* Now all they have left is Sheriff Mills. *clutches her tightly* Please don't kill her, show!!! Leave the boys something, okay? And have I mentioned that I can't wait until they get the Impala back? Whenever that will be. *sigh*

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