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First Impressions: 7x17 The Born-Again Identity

I saw this episode basically twice. First mostly without sound via stream online and then with full sound on the TV.

Most of this review is from my IM chat notes during both viewings along with my own musings afterwards.


  • Geez. Sam's been awake for 5 days! :( Desperate for sleep, he takes some drugs, but it doesn't help. The car hit. Yikes! Not to mention Ow.

  • The scene with Dean visiting Sam at the hospital not only mentions the healer in "Faith", but a lot of this scene (and the scenes of Dean looking for help) match that episode, but in reverse. This time it's Sam who's ill, pale, ready to give up and Dean's ready to take any action to save him.

  • Nice to see that the boys still use Rufus's cabin. More mysterious things moving! I had a crazy theory about that earlier, but now I'm back to my original idea that it's Bobby.

  • Geez. Luci never quits does he? Singing, pestering, firecrackers, even putting maggots in Sam's food. Blech.

  • Whoah! Demon! Didn't see that coming. So much for Crowley's agreement, but I can imagine he'd be getting impatient with the boys by now. Nice kill there by Dean! We haven't seen the knife in a while. Hellooooo there Cas! :D

  • Oh, sorry...I mean Emmanuel...and his wife! o.O He has no clue who he was/is. This complicates things a bit.

  • Awwww. Dean's face when Cas asked him what his problem was and Dean said, "My brother.". You could feel all the love and concern there. *sniffs*

  • Makes sense that Dean's still pissed at Cas, but then...this is Sam. There's certain things Dean can't forgive and breaking the wall in Sam's mind is one of them.

  • Damn. I do love watching Dean knife demons. *g* Surprise! It's Meg! Gotta love her. After all she's been around since Season 1. She's a survivor. Love it when Dean called her "sweetheart". Hee! Meg's being hunted and Crowley's still an enemy, so she wants to work together. She's been watching Dean and Cas all this time. Dean reluctantly agrees.

  • Heh. Meg's still got something for Cas. ;)

  • The makeup on Jared is really great. Reminds me of the death-bed pallor Dean had in Faith. Figures that Sam finds a girl at the hospital that he can help. It beats hearing Lucifer in his head 24/7. Seems like the ghost of her dead brother's been harassing her, asking her to join him.

  • Lots of demons outside the hospital. Meg finally spills the beans and tells Cas he's an angel. Dean finally relents and gets on board. Cas goes down and starts smiting like all get out...and remembering. Is it just me, or was the music for this scene kind of...loud and distracting? I usually don't complain about the music, but I really didn't like this bit. Meh. Nice flashback scenes though, showing us (and Cas) everything we needed to see.

  • Naturally, he's upset. He feels responsible for this, all of it. Welcome to the Winchester's world, Cas. Guilt is a constant friend. Love the very solemn scene of Dean giving Cas back the trenchcoat. That was nice....the missing piece.

  • Sam and Marin get rid of her brother's ghost, but soon Sam's being taken for some electroshock therapy. Noooooo!!!!!! Not that!!!!! Sam!!!!! :(

  • Yay for Cas coming to the rescue!!!! He tries to fix Sam but...it doesn't work. Sam sees him as Lucifer. :(

  • Aw, man. Sam has "nothing left to rebuild". So Cas makes the sacrifice and takes Sam's broken wall from him and transfers it to himself. o.O Holy crap! Now he has Lucifer to torment him. :(

  • Sam's protesting leaving Cas behind in the hospital, but Dean says this is the safest place for him. They're hunted by the Leviathans and the demons now, so how could they protect Cas? "All our friends are dead." Oh, Dean. How sad is that statement, even if it is kinda, sorta true. Meanwhile, Meg joins the staff of the hospital. Hmmmmm. What is she up to? Is she there to keep an eye on Cas, or is there some other nefarious motives behind this? Time will tell...

I've seen a lot of mixed reactions on my flist to this eppy. I know some people are upset over what happened to Cas at the end.

Well, here's my take on it: 1 - Bad things happen to good people (or angels), 2 - We don't know the grand scheme of things for the show for the remaining eps of the season, 3 - Cas made a sacrifice and it was his idea, and 4 - For Dean, one person will always come first...and that's Sam.

Now I'd like to believe that Cas being tormented by Lucifer is a little different than Sam being in that position. After all, Cas is an angel and has all his powers. One would think that might give him a little help in dealing with this. Maybe over a little time, he'll find a solution. Cas wanted to make this one thing right. This one terrible thing that he did wrong he wanted to fix...by any means. I think Dean can definitely respect that. And what would the boys do with Cas? It's not like they can leave him with anyone, there's nobody left. Dean's right...he's safer where he is. *hopes*

Awesome acting all the way around, especially by Jared. It's great to have Cas back (yes, I'm sure we'll see him again) and Meg is always welcome. Looking forward to seeing where they take all this. :)

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