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First Impressions: 7x18 "Party On, Garth"

Trying to get this done quickly again. Missed out on the live stream of the eppy with the east coast and only got the one viewing during my own time zone.

Once again, most of this review is based on my ramblings during the episode with more introspective comments mixed in. Enjoy.


  • Knew there was gonna be a death amongst these teenagers, just a matter of who. Bye bye Trevor.

  • Burger Heaven again! *iz location geek* :P OMG That song! Brings back a lot of memories of high school.

  • "You've been Garthed." LOL And the slow motion walk away from the salt & burn set to the music. *giggles*

  • Great. Now the brother's gonna get killed by the ghost, too. Yep....and it was messy. Ewwww.

  • Poor Cas. He's a mess and Sam doesn't want to talk about it. :( Sounds like Meg's giving them regular reports though. Garth calls and asks for their help.

  • Boys in suits. YUM. And Garth's in fatigues...lol. Nice.....EMF meter hand!porn! shot. Looking forward to capping that later. :D
    Sam: "Say, either of you heard of Thighslapper Ale?"
    Garth: "Is that a stripper or a beverage?"

  • The three visit the brewery and question the owners (one of which was the father to two boys who were killed by the spirit). Blah, blah, blah. Lots of questioning going on. Even Garth doesn't look bad in a suit.

  • Now why would you put a drink w/alcohol right next to a kid like that? Yep, knew that was an open invitation. Ooops. Mommy got it in the gut and the daughter saw the creepy spirit kill her.

  • Let the drinking begin. Heh. Garth's not much of a drinker. Downs one beer and he's drunk. :P

  • OMG The sock puppet, Mr. Fizzles. LOL You gotta admit, Garth got the girl to open up about what she did and saw. LMAO And when the puppet looks at Dean. *gigglesnorts* Priceless! XD

  • Ah...a bottle of Saki. It's a CLUE, boys! So it turns out Dale, the brewmaster, didn't know about the sale of the company and was pissed about losing his life's work. Hence the Saki box with the scary writing on it. Revenge to his partners and their families.

  • Oooh. Bobby speculation and sneaky boys. *loves* Dean upon discovering a surveillance camera set up in the office: "God I love paranoid people" Hee!

  • Time to get drunk so they can see the spirit! Sam: "I mean, can you even get drunk anymore? It’s kind of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?" Dean: "Shut up." Love it when Sam gets drunk: "the place with all the thingies." LOL

  • Ooops. Busted! Geez, Garth. Tazering the guy seems a little harsh. [I've worked on a film where tazers were used and kinda know a thing or two about them. They're not fun. The things you learn on film sets. LOL] Couldn't he just knock the guy out with something?

  • Smart boys, taking the Saki box to a Japanese restaurant to have someone translate it. :) Oooh. A Shojo...alcohol spirit. Who knew there was such a thing? I love Dean's name for it though: "Japanese booze monster". :P

  • Garth brings up the possibility of Bobby's spirit being around. Sam confesses he tried the talking board after Dean's beer mysteriously disappeared, but he got nothing. Dean's understandably a little upset that he didn't know about it. Looks like it's all tied to Dean though...hmmmm.

  • Dean with a sword...another dream fulfilled. :)

  • So Garth figures out the guy working at the brewery is an illegitimate son of one of the owners. Garth: "Come with me if you want to live." Heehee! What's that from again? I can't remember and I know I'm going to facepalm when I find out. While he's trying to save the kid at the brewery Sam's at a bar drinking and keeping an eye on Marie (sister of the two dead brothers). Anyway, Dean's on his way and gives Sam a call that they're closing in on the Shojo. "There's another kid. Don't think - move!"

  • Ouch! There goes Garth flying through walls. Hurry Dean!!! Doesn't help that Sam's drunk. LOL But he helps Dean out by telling where to strike with the sword. Yay! Team!!! And he got her! Awesome effects there, btw. Very cool!

  • Aw, yeah. The sword moved back to Dean. Almost missed that in the excitement of it all. So he asks if Bobby's there...no answer, but Sam is watching.

  • Garth and his goodbye hugs again. Hee! Man, do the boys have one butt-ugly car this time.

  • Again the boys talk about Bobby's ghost possibly being around. Dean's all for it, but Sam's thinking they're just being like regular people who miss their loved ones and think they're still around. Then Dean goes back into the room before they leave and...Bobby's there!!!!! OMG But Dean can't see him!!!!! *flails* Love how he called Dean an idjit. Awwww... *wibbles*

Major kudos to Jim Beaver and the entire production for keeping Jim's return to the show a secret! I totally didn't see him coming back yet. I was hoping for it, sure, but there was no indication of it, so I didn't know what to think. Jim working on an "Abdominal Snowman" film up in the mountains by Vancouver! Pbbbbbtttttt! I totally bought that story, too! Sneaky, Jim. Very sneaky! :P

Anyway, I loved how this episode was a fine mix of laughs and tears. Supernatural does that so well. I'm still not a big Garth fan, but like Sam says at the end of the eppy, he's growing on me. You gotta wonder though, as inept as he is as a hunter, how on earth has Garth managed to live this long??? Better, more skilled hunters have been taken out by monsters, spirits, and demons. Somehow Garth's still here. He must have luck on his side, but seeing as how he's worked with the Winchesters twice now, you gotta wonder how long that'll last. lol

It's frustrating that Sam's such a skeptic about Bobby's ghost being around. And his excuses for what's been happening are always so lame! The breeze moved the papers, the Shojo closed the door and it moved the sword to Dean. Really, Sam??? And you can tell Dean's just agreeing with him to avoid a fight. He believes something's going on, that somehow Bobby's around. He simply can't prove it to Sam yet. *sigh* April 20th seems so far away now. *wants*

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