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SPN Animations: 4 Scenes from 6x12 "Like A Virgin"

These weren't requested animations, but ones I made when I was figuring out how to make them in PhotoScape. I have 4 more from this episode that I'll post tomorrow.

Btw, I'm looking for more requests. Pipe up if you want any. :D

Want an animation? Go here: My Main Animation Request Post
Feel free to leave your requests there (or in this post) at anytime. :)

These in three sizes: Large - 400 pixels wide and Small - 200 pixels wide.
If you want any of these in a different size, just let me know.

+ No Hotlinking!
+ Gifs made with PhotoScape.
+ Please credit me, raloria.
+ Comments are LOVE! :)

200x113 // 800kb
200x113 // 179kb
200x113 // 812kb
200x113 // 967kb

SPN612_04 (aka Sammy's Back)
400x225 // 2.56mb
SPN612_05 (aka Dean likes experienced women)
400x225 // 607kb

SPN612_06 (aka Dean at the door)
400x225 // 2.67mb
SPN612_09 (aka Cas rejected)
400x225 // 3.09mb

Tags: animations, episodes, fanart, supernatural
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