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SPN Fandom, you disappoint me

You know me, I'm a proud flag-waving SPN fan. I love my show and I love the fans (except those from the crazy camp). But lately I've been feeling a general disinterest in fandomy things here on LJ.

Is it just me though?

:: My last Friending Meme from the beginning of this season was a disappointment.
:: The Spring Friending Meme I participated in just a few days ago has been equally quiet.
:: Then yesterday I tried to spur people into something fun by commenting with a silly SPN gif and only got 11 people to join in.

Am I doing something wrong?
Are people really that busy?
Has LJ become quiet due to the show running so long?
Are people just giving up on fandom?

I really want to know, does anyone else feel this way? Having the same issues with fandom?
It just seems like hardly anyone wants to interact anymore and do fun things. It's really discouraging. *sigh*

Edit: I would just like to clarify that this post isn't aimed at any one individual or anyone on my flist. It's about the fandom in general and LJ in general in relation to the SPN fandom. And I also don't believe it has to do with what time of year it is or what phase the moon is in for that matter. Heh. I've just been noticing the fandom getting quieter or less participatory over the years (except for those online polls, then we're an army! lol). Maybe this is what happens when a show has been on for 7 years?

Tags: fandom, ramblings, supernatural
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