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Thanks everyone for responding to my latest poll. I suspected most people would say "your journal, do what you want", and I was right. Just nice to get a confirmation on people's feelings.

My problem (if you can call it that) is that sometimes I think of things, consider posting about them to LJ, and then chicken out. I think, "Oh, nobody's gonna want to read that!" and back out. But maybe you all do. Guess I'll never know unless I go for it, huh? I've done my Quickie posts, but sometimes I want to post other things that don't seem to fit in that category (whatever that is). Am I making any sense? LOL I'm not sure I am.

Anyway, I'm thinking that expressing myself here more on my journal can only be a good thing. It can't be about caps and fanart alone.

♦♦♦ I'm trying out the new PhotoAlbum in LJ (which is in Beta). It's pretty nice, but one drawback is getting access to Scrapbook is a pain. Oh, well. And I just uploaded my Avatars & Smilies from Photobucket over to LJ. Why I didn't do this long before now, I have no idea. They're now readily accessible so I can stick them in posts like this! animated-smileys-computer-08

♦♦♦ My PCs fans are getting more and more noisy. Time to do a big back-up and dust the case out...sometime in the coming weeks. I was waiting for the weather to dry out so I can take the case outside to blow it out. Happy to say we seem to have reached a turning point as far as the weather is concerned. It's about friggin' time. Stupid winter weather. Good riddance!

♦♦♦ My arms ache. I've had the problem before. It comes and goes. It'll probably be with me today and then be fine tomorrow. In the meantime my arms feel weak and tired. Ow. :(

♦♦♦ I need to get back to capping. Been a few weeks and I don't wanna lose my mojo again. Next up...4x03 "In The Beginning", which won the last poll. Somehow I need to get 7x14 capped too. It keeps losing in all the polls. LOL Are people really that afraid of clowns that they don't want to see caps from that eppy???

♦♦♦ I've had some inquiries about my SPN Revealed series. I last posted to it in 2009. sCo_blink My plan is to resume where I left off (the last post was of 2x08 "Crossroad Blues") and start doing them again once Season 7 ends. SPN Revealed will return!!!

♦♦♦ At the same time, I know the SPN Filming Locations List is long overdue for an update, and certainly needs to be done before VanCon this year. Last year I was unable to complete the update before the convention, something I was quite disappointed about. I'm resolved to not let that happen again. I'm looking at (hopefully) using Google Docs for the list. I might have to break it up into more parts, but I hope I can get it to work because then people could easily print them or save them as PDFs, whatever. Another project for once the season finishes in May.

Think I've taken up enough of your time for now. lol
I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday. :)

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