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First Impressions: 7x19 Of Grave Importance

Took notes during my west coast airing again. :)

Hope it's okay to put this collage outside of the cut. You know I like my pretties visible. *g*


“Hey, this is Jensen Ackles...” One of the best sounds on a Friday night. ;)

Sweet! The boys eating take out food by the car. Watch out for those tacos, Dean. :P
Female hunter calls. Nice to know there are others out there still alive.
Heh. Dean’s got a lunch date with her.

Oh, this is gonna end badly. Anytime there are teens having sex in an old house... Just sayin’.
Annie, the hunter is checking out the place....too bad a mean ghost found the kids first. Ooops.

Dean’s still tracking Dick Roman.
Now, boys....don’t fight.
Dean’s surprised that Annie & Bobby had “a thing”.
But then...so did Dean. Hee! And Sam! LOL
Sam: You know she and Bobby had a thing, right?
Dean: Yeah, I knew that.....Really?
Sam: Yeah, kind of a foxhole thing. Very Hemingway.
Dean: Huh. She and I kinda went Hemingway this one time too.
Sam: Alright...well, that happens...
Dean: Wait you too?
Sam: It was a while back. We ended up on the same case. She was stressed and I ...didn't have a soul.
Dean: That's a lot of foxholes.

Poor Dean....still drinking from Bobby’s flask. :(

They’re worried about Annie. Didn’t show, not answering her cell.
Sam thinks they should ditch the flask....Dean says not yet.
Bobby in the car!!!!

Boys are going over research at the motel room.
Poor Bobby....he’s trying to get through to them.
Idgits....take the flask! Hee!

Wow. Lots of ghosts.
“Hi. I’m Bobby. I’m a ghost.” LOL
He’s not getting much a reception.
The boys get something on the EMF. And find Annie’s phone. Uh oh....
Oh, no....Annie’s a ghost. :(

Huh....so it took Bobby about a month to figure out he was still around as a spirit.
Annie’s not too happy about being a ghost and Bobby’s frustrated that the boys don’t even know he’s around.

Ooooh...the boys find a weird message on Annie’s phone. “Free me...” Chilly.

Oh...a ghost decides to talk to them.
He’s busy? lol
Heh. Annie tries the old charm on Haskel. It works, but they have a lot to learn. Stop angsting....be calm to move things. Haskel’s not impressed by them.
Yikes....eventually all spirits deteriorate into something very ugly.

Victoria...the voice on Annie’s phone.
Whoah! Where’d Bobby go???

Hee! I’ve been to that house! :D
Geez...you can see the guy’s breath. Is that Bobby’s doing?
Why don’t the boys notice it?

Bobby’s still trying to move things...and failing.
OMG Dean’s in the shower!!!!
Bobby’s trying to get his Zen on.
Bobby: All right now. I can kill werewolves, fix a Pinto and bake cornbread. I will be damned if I can't get Zen!

Yes! They see the writing Bobby left on the mirror!
And yes, I flailed over fresh-out-of-the-shower Dean. :D
The boys now know it’s Bobby! They decide to get back to the house.
They’d better hurry...there’s 2 more idiots about to get ganked...
Ooop. Too late. :(
Hmmm...So Dexter’s trying to warn people away from the house...it’s the other dude, Whitman, who's doing the killings. Yikes. Bye Dexter. :( Annie sees him go.

Victoria doesn’t want to mess with Whitman.
They’re just food and entertainment to them, the ghosts trapped there. He killed them all.
Heh. Go Annie. She orders Victoria to grab the kid’s camera.
Whitman drags the bodies off to a secret passage.

Boys back in the house...Bobby just stole the flask!!!
Dean gets the camera..”That’s not odd.” Hee!
They watch the video the two boys shot...
Dean: I hate these indie films. Nothing ever happens.
Hee! Oh, Dean. You’re awesome.
Annie’s a little ansty, figures the boys should’ve figured it out by now.
Bobby: “Give’em a moment. They’ve gotten a little slower since I left.” LOL
The boys see Victoria. She really dislikes being called a hooker.
Oh, crap. Whitman took out Victoria. :(
Ok...Whitman just stuck a key in Sam’s pocket. Weird.
Aaaah. The boys leave and now Whitman can follow them! Damn.

Great. Bobby stashed the flask so he can’t stick to the boys. Crap.
Hmmm. There’s a fire burning.
The house was once a speakeasy....so they’re trying to find that secret passage...
Bobby found it! Yikes....lots of dead bodies in there...including Annie.
Annie wants a hunter’s funeral...peace. Bobby’s not done though....he’s still got the boys.

Uh oh....Whitman’s possessed the car!!!! Eeep!!!!!
And he’s in the car!!!!
Holy crap! Sammy!!!!! Fast work there, Dean on shooting the key. Phew!

Whitman’s back at the house. Watch out Bobby and Annie!!!!
Hurry boys!!!! They’re at the mausoleum to burn his bones.
No!!! Not Bobby!!!!!
Damn. Boys got him just in time. *hopes*
OMG The boys return and they can see Bobby!!!!!

Bobby gives the flask back to Dean. :)
Sam makes the connection of why he couldn’t contact Bobby. Awww.
Aw, boys getting all sentimental.
Dean’s upset that Bobby’s still around. Thinks he should be in heaven.
Bobby gets pissed saying he thought they had work to do yet and disappears.
Dammit Dean. Why’d you do that? :(

To Dean, this goes against the natural order of things. Life should just end.
He doesn’t know how to deal with it.
Awww, and Bobby’s sitting in the back seat listening. :(

Awesome to have the show back and this was a great stand alone ep, harking back to the early days of the series. In fact, it reminded me a lot of "Asylum".

I like how we got to see that being a ghost isn't all that easy. It takes a lot of work to move things, especially if you're trying too hard. Heh. Sometimes it just takes a little calmness. Nice meeting Annie, too. Shame we didn't get to meet her before when she was alive longer. After all we've only met a handful of female hunters: Ellen, Jo, Tamarra, and that gal from 4x02.

Must admit I was a little shocked by Dean's response to Bobby. You'd think he'd be happy to see the old hunter and have his help. Instead he's lamenting about the natural order of things. I'm sure he'll come around though. After all, he upset the natural order of things by bringing Sam back in Season 2. You're telling me he wouldn't do that again? I don't know. He's learned a lot since then, but Dean still has a lot of trouble letting go of his brother.

Oh, and on a shallow note...I wish we'd seen more of Dean in the shower...or coming from the shower. :P

Only 4 more eps!

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