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SPN Filming Locations - And so it begins again...

Have begun work on updating my SPN Filming Locations List (including LJ posts, Google Maps, PDFs, etc). Don't want to have the disaster of last year where I didn't get it done in time for VanCon and had to leave it incomplete. Awful. :(

One new addition this year...I'm utilizing Google Docs. Have I ever mentioned my love for Google Docs? No? Well, I love it. LOVE IT! It has made my life a whole lot easier.

I've begun the slow process today, of transferring all the info. on the location list LJ posts to Google Docs. I tried copying the PDFs over, but they were too huge. So I'm having to do it bit by bit, copy & pasting info. from my old Doc files in Open Office along with all the image files & maps from the LJ posts. It's slow going (I'm only up to "Phantom Traveler" at the moment), but I hope using Google Docs will make using the list easier for everyone, including me.

I'm trying to update the Google Maps of locations as I find new places, but my main focus right now is the Google Docs. I think this is the earliest I've ever started working on this project, but for a good reason. This list is GOING to be done in time for VanCon this year!

As usual, I'll keep you updated on my progress. ;)

Tags: livejournal, spn filming locations, status report, supernatural
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