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Hi all. Thought I'd update a little more on how I'm doing.

Thursday night mom & I'd been out for a doctor appointment for her and grocery shopping. It wasn't until we were almost finished that I started to feel a cold or something coming on. Within a few hours I was sneezing, congested, runny nose, minor sore throat - the whole nine yards. I took some Dayquil and thankfully that eased up the pain in my sinuses and head for me to go to sleep.

Friday was awful. I slept in bed until 11 or 12 and felt terrible. I basically did a lot of sleeping in my chair with the laptop all day long. Had some fever and body aches along with everything else. Barely ate and drinking water was out of the question. Ugh. Slept overnight about the same as the night before, getting up every few hours to blow my nose so I could halfway breathe.

Got up today around 12:30 and felt better. No more fever or body aches, so I figure that's a plus. Don't feel so sleepy either, thank goodness. I'm still taking the Dayquil, though I'm not sure anymore if it's actually helping me. I only have a few more doses left anyhow. I mean, if I had known I was going to get sick like this I would've bought more of the stuff Thursday night. *sigh* Drank some water today after lunch and it wasn't too bad so maybe the throat is doing a little better.

So all in all I'm a little better today than I was yesterday. Still a lot of blowing and sneezing (and some sinus pressure), but hopefully in another day or two that will start to ease up, too. I'm just taking it easy again today, sitting here with my laptop and enjoying all the pics and reports out of JIBCON in Italy. Nothing like a few pics of gorgeous Jensen to make a gal feel a little better. *g*

Thanks for all the love & hugs here on LJ and on Twitter. *hugs*

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