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Quickies 23

♦♦♦ Still feelin' crappy. Sneezing/congestion. Got the added fun of sinus pressure in my head/ears. Ow. Switched OTC meds since the stuff I was taking before didn't seem to be helping anymore. Hopefully this other stuff will.

♦♦♦ Cannot get an mkv file download of SPN 7x20 to work! I've downloaded it twice now, tried both PC and Mac, different players...still nothing. Yet the file is over 1GB like you'd expect. I don't get it. I'm trying one more time this morning. It's all I can do. *frustrated sigh*

♦♦♦ Been enjoying all the Tweets and pics coming out of JIBCon. Can't help but be a little jealous though. They get the guests all weekend long and double the panels. Plus, the guys seem...I dunno, more loose and open to things over there that they aren't here at the US cons. Maybe it's just my perception? After all, JIBCon gave us that awesome moment of Jensen & Jason singing "The Weight". That's something that would never happen at a Creation con. *sigh*

On a side note, this has to be one of the best pics from the weekend. *flails&dies*

♦♦♦ Now that I've got the 7x13 caps posted I need to get my capping-fu back. I'm all capped out right now. :P I believe 4x03 and 7x14 are next on the roster.

♦♦♦ Going to spend today downloading TV eps that I've missed - and there's a lot of them. I'm behind on 5 shows: Fringe, OUAT, New Girl, H5O, & TVD. So much catching up to do, but when will I find the time to do it?

♦♦♦ Going to try and work on the LL (Locations List) some today. I feel bad that I haven't worked on it since last Tuesday. Really should finish the FanFic I was working on, too. If I can get my Crazy Muse to work past this bug I've got. Meh.

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