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First Impressions: 7x20 The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo

Since I was not feeling well at all when this episode aired last week, I wasn't able to type out any notes. Thus, this is a late and very short review.

Hopefully, someone will still feel like reading it. :P


Let's bullet point this to keep it simple.

  • So glad we finally learned more about the numbers and what Bobby saw while in Dick's office.
  • I really like Charlie. I can equate to her hacker mentality even though I'm only computer-proficient and not a hacker myself. Geeky girls unite! :D
  • Love the split screens used throughout the ep and the very "Ocean's 11" feel.
  • Dean, talking about the location of Frank's stolen hard drive: "Perfect. It's in the middle of the Death Star." Love this line! Heehee!
  • DICK ROMAN: You're kind of completing me right now, Charlie. You have that spark, that thing that makes humans so special. Not everyone has it, you know. Those people – they can be replaced. But people like you... are impossible to copy.
  • Ha! The Sucrocorp commercial was brilliant. Totally knew it was part of the show though. Logo was still there. ;)
  • CHARLIE: So I erase the drive first, protect me and you. Then I go back to my old life, right? What?
    DEAN: It's not that easy. You're on Dick's radar, which means you don't have an old life anymore.
    CHARLIE: I'm gonna die. I should have taken that job at Google.

  • Gotta love how Charlie instantly gets Dean's respect by volunteering to go in and hack Dick Roman's email. The girl's no chicken and it says a lot that she's willing to trust 2 strangers so quickly.
  • I don't blame Bobby for sneaking himself into the building. Sure, he did go a bit vengeful and attacked Dick, but he also helped Charlie (kept her from getting caught by the guard) and ultimately saved her and the boys.
  • Really enjoyed the part where the boys help Charlie out. Sam uses Harry Potter to get her to go in the building and then Dean helps her flirt her way past the guard and into Dick's office. Great stuff all around. :)
  • DEAN: You know what? New plan. From now on, we just stay in the van and send in the 90-pound girl.
    SAM: Dean, every chomper on earth knows our face. How many do you think are in that building? We wouldn't make it past the lobby.
    DEAN: Yeah, I know. Doesn't mean I got to be happy about sending in freaking Veronica Mars.
    SAM: She'll be fine... or we'll go in.
    DEAN: And get as far as we can. Damn right.

  • Ok, so Pete (now a Leviathan) does grab Charlie's arm [as I brought up in an earlier post]. She DOES acknowledge to Dean that her boss is a "monster", so she knew what he was. But...does she know how the Leviathan's clone people? Was that even in Frank's files for her read? Who knows? The thing is...the Levis cloned the boys using only hair they left behind in the shower, so it's entirely possible that a hair or two was on Charlie's sleeve when Levi!Pete grabbed it. The door is open folks.
  • Very smooth move in switching the cases there, Sam! It's nice seeing the boys in costumes again, too. :)
  • Nice borax bomb they put in it's place, too. Heh.
  • I felt totally creeped out by that scene with Dick finding out what Charlie found on Frank's hard drive. Poor girl.
  • DICK ROMAN: You broke the unbreakable. What's the thought process? Walk me through it, and ix-nay the jargon.
    CHARLIE: Um... nothing's unbreakable, really. Nothing's safe if you poke at it long enough.
    DICK ROMAN: Nothing's safe. I like that. But that isn't what I'm asking, Charlie. Your spark – it's one in a million. Believe me, but when you got it, you invent guns and iPads and viruses, and, holy crap, you can be crafty. What is that, Charlie?
    CHARLIE: Um –
    DICK ROMAN: 'Cause I can feed every fact in your brain to someone else, they still wouldn't be able to be you.
    CHARLIE: I guess you can't clone me.
    DICK ROMAN: Don't think that doesn't piss me off.

  • OMG The boys coming through the cracked glass on those doors. Awesomeness!!! :D
  • My impression is that Dick had no idea who was attacking him. Bobby flickers into sight just for a second and at that moment Dick wasn't looking at him. So the boys knew he was there, but Dick didn't. Makes it all the more cool, really. I mean, at least we know Bobby has the juice to throw the Levi boss around. That's something.
  • DEAN (referring to Charlie): She's kind of like the little sister I never wanted.
  • Dean, make up your mind, man! The week before you were all, "Bobby being a ghost goes against the natural order" now you're sort of agreeing with his actions against Dick. Waffle, waffle, waffle. Seems like as long as it's taking down Dick Roman, he's okay with it. Alright, whatever, but it's like Dean's got blinders on to the whole picture. Sam's seeing the potential danger here with Bobby, but Dean isn't. Time will tell how it'll all go down. I think Bobby's going to definitely have a part to play....but at what cost?
  • I think you can tell I loved the ep, right? *g*

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