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First Impressions: 7x21 Reading Is Fundamental

Made my notes right with the live west coast airing. Btw, I did sort of watch the live stream for the east coast, but I missed the first 12 min. or so and I had the volume way down so I didn't hear everything. It served as a nice little preview though.

Hope you enjoy my review. :)


  • Awww. No Jensen Ackles announcement. Phooey.

  • Neighbor, Michigan? Is that a real place? Nice montage between Kevin and the boys setting up digs elsewhere. "One day college isn't going to matter anymore." Heh, yeah probably a lot sooner than that.

  • Wow. Dean has power. Heh. Something very big is happening...eep. Wow and Kevin is whammied at the same time. Ouch. Interesting clay tablet inside that rock though.

  • Meg's hanging out with Cas...who's awake. Hee! Love Edgar's crack about someone choosing to be named Dick.

  • Ooops. Kevin's late...and still not himself. Awwww....I love sleepy Dean. *hugs him* So Bobby's around, but doesn't have the strength to appear. Huh.

  • Meg called Sam Bullwinkle. LOL And Dean Seacrest. Heehee! She tells them Cas is awake, come and visit.

  • Kevin's driving...and being led to the tablet, methinks. He is chosen. Oooooh.

  • Hellooooo Riverview. :) *iz locations geek* Heh, this was the preview clip scene. So funny. "Pull my finger." It's still a sweet little reunion scene. And the awkward hug. Hee! And he's rambling about honeybees and cat's penises. LOL So the tablet is the word of God...by Metatron. Interesting. But Cas can't read it. Cute.

  • Ooooh. Love Dean being all badass to Meg. "Back off!" And poor Cas doesn't like conflict so he disappears....Dean goes after him. Sam goes after Meg....dude, why'd you leave the tablet??? Meg's got her own agenda, of course. Aaaaannnnd the tablet's gone. Sam! Kevin's got it. The chase scene is too funny. Kevin can't let go of the tablet.

  • Dean finds Cas. Aw, poor Dean. He wants answers, but Cas really doesn't have them. Love how he sets up the Sorry game. Very cool. Meanwhile, Kevin it putting the tablet back together. Ooop. Temper, temper Dean.

  • Kevin can read the tablet...it's about the Leviathans. Uh oh....somebody's coming. The angels are here. Great. Cas senses it, too. "Sam. He's talking to angels."

  • So Kevin's a prophet. And Meg has an angel sword. Handy. The angels are surprised to see Cas alive. Angel Hester is a little angry. Cas tries the "pull my finger" joke again. LOL Yes! Dean drives all the angels out with the sigil. Woot! Poor Kevin. Kid's freaking out.

  • Wait a sec...since when do angels not have wings??? They're just not visible. Sheesh. The gang head to Rufus' cabin. At a gas stop Sam and Meg are still getting on each other's nerves, Sam sees that Kevin's been reported missing on the news, and Meg's being trailed by some demons. Cute. Cas calls...he's surrounded by large unhappy dogs in Perth. LOL And then he's in the car with them. Boop! Heehee! So Cas's garrison was set to watch the earth and he'd been in charge, but now Hester is. Kevin's the "hot potato". LOL Great...Cas doesn't fight anymore. "I watch the bees."

  • Poor Kevin. He sees Dean with a table full of weapons in the basement. "This looks like a sex torture dungeon. Is this a sex torture dungeon?" LOL

  • Sam is worried about Cas. Awww. At first, Cas saw Lucy, but now he's gone...kind of an "aftertaste" from Sam. He felt lost before he took on Sam's pain. Sam vowes to get Cas better, no matter what it takes, but Cas doesn't think there's anything wrong with him.

  • Uh oh...Kevin's freaking and hyperventilating. Heh. Dean gives him a bag and a reassuring pat on the back. Dean points out Kevin's been chosen and the angels don't care...aren't equipped to care.

  • Meg meets up with her two demon friends. She tells them she's got Castiel to bring to Crowley...then she fights and kills them with the knife. Awesome. :D

  • She walks back into a devil's trap at the cabin. The boys want to know what she's up to, but Cas points out there is other demon blood on the knife. Meg is after Crowely and she needs them as allies. Sam let's her out. Damn...the angels are back. And Hester is still pissed. She goes after Dean, but Cas steps in. And she soundly starts punching the crap out of him. Luckily, Meg kills her. Yay! So there's no too many angels left...hmmm.

  • Kevin's done translating the tablet and the angels take him home. Dean couldn't find Meg anywhere. Typical Meg - take off when things get hairy. They need the blood of a fallen angel. Cas offers a bottle of his blood right away.

  • Why do I think this dude is a Levi? Heh. Yep. I was right. Damn. "Leviathan beats angel." Hello, Edgar. Eeep! Btw, the way Edgar killed the angels, matches what he does in a fanfic I'm currently writing! Dammit show! You stole my idea! LOL

  • I really love crazy Cas. He's quite a philosophical trip. lol Lots of similarities to future!Cas from "The End", which I guess makes sense. Still a big lover of Meg. You gotta respect a character that's been around since Season 1. Do I trust her? Not completely, but I'm still wondering where her real loyalty lies. However, in a world where Leviathans are top dog, you hold onto whatever allies you can find, even if they're the demonic kind.

  • Yes, I loved the eppy. Can't you tell? :P Next week? Ooooh!!!! *rubs hands together eagerly*

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