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LJ's New Scrapbook

I get the feeling a lot of people are wondering about the new Scrapbook LJ is going to have us all transferred over to this month. I signed on for the beta version about a month ago, so I got to see how it would work. A few days ago, LJ transferred all my pics in the old Scrapbook to the new one so they're now combined.

And here's what the new Scrapbook looks like:


I've heard reports that some people have lost pics in the transfer and I must confirm I have as well. If you can, back up everything before.

Pluses to the new Scrapbook:
+ Nicer interface.
+ You can now upload multiple images more easily (control/click).
+ Previously unsorted images are now all in one album.

Minuses to the new Scrapbook:
- No Select All control.
- Albums and pics are in no order at all. Nested albums are no more.
- There's no way to arrange the order of albums or images.
- The size you choose to post a picture as is what you get on your entry. No more clicking through to the original sized image.
(I have a work-around for this. I use HTML to set a click through link to the original pic, but still...what a pain!)

As you can see, the minuses outweigh the pluses. I must admit, I never really liked the interface for the old Scrapbook, which is why I avoided using it for so long. However, now that I've had a chance to use the new one, I find it lacking in a lot of areas. It would be nice if LJ would make some changes and give us more control over our images. For something new it's really not better at all. :(

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