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First Impressions: 7x22 There Will Be Blood

Wasn't home for the east coast live stream, so these notes are from my west coast airing alone.

Hope it's okay to put the collage outside of the cut by now. :)


Hey, Dick’s on TV. :P OMG Seattle skyline in the background!!!
I guess this means Dick has offices in WA, too. Eeep.
“Purity” Yeah, right. Then he says something about humans “Tasting better.” Ooopsie. Almost got caught, didn’t you there, Dickie?

Ah, yeah...Dick’s got the tablet now. This can’t be good.
Poor Kevin. Lie...lie through your teeth, Kevin. Oh, no. Don’t hurt Kevin!!! Phew! For now...
Don’t buy it, Kevin! You’re still Levi-food.
Oh, damn....they’ve got his mom. :(

Boys at the cabin, doing more research. They’re still trying to figure out the tablet translation.
It seemed pretty straight forward to me.
Dean: Okay man I have read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad's duffle.
Sam: Anna Nicole?
Dean: Anna Nicole. Ah, the good they die young, huh?

Love seeing Dean smile about something. :)
Hello, Bobby. Oh, he’s leaving telltale ghost signs now, frosting up the bathroom mirror, cold spot.
Whoah. Easy there, Bobby. Yeah...you’re fine. Just a little more touchy than you used to be when you were alive.

Dean: A little FYI. Bobby's officing out of the john these days.
Sam: Ahh - awkward.
LOL Awkward is right!
Hee! You don’t tamper with Dean’s pie!
Crowley!!!! Long time no see. “Hello, boys.”

Crowley won’t hand over his blood...yet. He wants them to gather the other samples first. Can’t risk having his blood floating around out there when it can be used in dozens of spells.
Ah, they’re keeping Cas a secret from him. And Crowley knows the alpha vamp is still alive.

Yes! New leather jacket!!!! *squees* :D
Sam’s worried about Bobby. They’ll have to deal with him once he goes totally vengeful spirit.
Damn. The people in the store are slowed way down - kinda stoned out. Crap. What the hell are they gonna eat??? Back to the basics of fruit & veggies. Dean’s not gonna like that.

Bobby checks out the mansion first. All clear.
How can he go in there when the flask is in the car with the boys?
There’s some ugly dead bodies inside. Yech.

Oh, they’re vamps. Weird. Oh, secret room....a very pink room. And a scared girl, Emily.
She’s been living with the vamps since she was a kid. The dead vamps ate the new humans filled with rotten corn syrup and died. One of them survived. Emily can help them track down the Alpha.
Emily: What is that?
Dean: That - that is Sam's douche tracker.

Ooopsie, surviving vamp returns home to find Emily gone. But Edgar’s there....to clone him...and kill him.
LOL Poor Dean.
Dean: I can't do this, man. I can't live on rabbit food. I'm a warrior! Hee! :D
The boys find a stoned out dude and tap him for blood. This is so crazy and funny at the same time.
Dean: Alright Sam - tap the keg.
Sam: Here?
Dean: Yeah Sam, look around; it's freaking Woodstock, everyone's hopped up on the brown acid. We don't need the song and dance. Give him a little prick.

Sam says Bobby’s gotta hang back. Yeah he’s not gonna like that.

Love the boys doing all the road/distance math. They’ve done this so many times.
Hee! Missoula, Montana.
“Vamptonite” Dean and his made up names. Love them!
Aw, they leave Emily with Jody’s number “she’s a friend."
Uh oh.....I don’t think Bobby wants the boys to leave. He pulls the door closed. They go anyway...

Boys...I don’t thing the girl’s as safe as you think.
Oh, boy....she’s not as clueless about cell phones as she let on. Damn. She’s going back to daddy Alpha Vamp.

This is a cool building. Must. find. Location.
Heh. Dean doesn’t like Sam’s sneak in plan.
Hmmm...the door’s open. Holy cow! Boys!!!!!!! :(

Meanwhile, Bobby’s trying to break the safe to get to his flask...and getting frustrated and violent. Uh oh....dammit! Bobby has taken over the cleaning gal’s body! WTH???

The boys are brought to the Alpha vamp. Sam just wants to talk. I think Alpha has a better idea.
Damn! Don’t hurt Dean!!!!! Grrrrrrr. That hit on the table was brutal. *kisses Dean’s owie*
So now the boys know that Dick and Alpha are working together.
Along with Emily, Alpha’s got a little boy under his thumb. Creepy.
Edgar has arrived and the boys are sent away. Crap. Well, damn...look at all the blood in storage.

Edgar knows the boys are there. Oh, dear. So Levis can smell them. Interesting, but then Dean’s blood IS there on the table.

The boys are trapped. But Dean’s found a lock pic....and has some spare Vamptonite on him. Excellent!!!! Love how he’s so resourceful.

Sneaky boys.... :D
Whoah! That was close! Sam almost got vamp bit. At least the Vamptonite worked.

Alpha just found out that the vamps are gonna die like the humans and everything else.
Monster fight! Ooooh...Alpha was prepared though. Had Borax in the champagne bucket.
Damn. Yes! Go Boys!!! Hey Alpha! No throwing Dean! :(
So he’s going to give them his blood. About friggin’ time. Sam wants the little boy released. Aw, Sammy. I like how you think.
The deal is made. “See you next season.” Heh. I see what you did there, show. Nice one. ;)

Uh oh...the boys return to the motel room and find out Bobby’s gone...with the flask. :(

Bobby’s got a big lead. No way they can even track him. Dean laments how they’re basically alone in this now...except for Crowley. Like he’s trustworthy.
“What could possibly go wrong?” Heh, yeah.

Meanwhile, Dick summons Crowley under a devil’s trap. He wants to talk. Uh oh...

Random Thoughts:

I'm hoping Kevin didn't translate that tablet for Dick exactly. Please tell me he made up something believable instead!

Did you catch that the dude Sam & Dean tapped for blood was not only sitting on a Biggerson's bench, but wearing a Plucky Pennywhistle's t-shirt? :P

I truly think Bobby's gone rogue and is going to be more a hindrance to the boys than a help. I'm afraid they're going to need to vanquish him for good very soon. That won't be pleasant at all, especially for Dean. :(

Can we talk a little about the new leather jacket? Mmmmm. So nice! At first I wasn't big on all the pockets, but they don't bother me at all now. Turns out, the jacket was custom made for Jensen and he requested the extra pockets. Either way, it looks stunning on him. *guh*

Dean really got beat up this episode. What's up with that??? Then they take away his pie! Poor baby. *hugs him*

This episode rocked! Can't wait until the season finale. I keep wondering how it's going to end for the season, but I'm sure I'm way off. LOL Either way, we'll be talking about it all summer long. :)

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