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SPN 7x22 "There Will Be Blood" Picspam

Edit: Haha! I totally screwed up the title. Fixed now. :P

It's Picspam Day! LOL Well, you're going to think that by the time I'm done today. This is only the first of 3. :P

Once again I got my download of the episode fairly quickly and grabbed some caps while I looked through it. This being the 2nd to the last episode, I got a little heavy-handed with the capping button than last time. And naturally, me being a Dean-girl, there's lots of him. *g*

Seattle skyline!!! *squees*

Nice new view of Rufus' cabin.

Dean thinking about Anna Nicole.

Classic Dean smirk!

Aw, Sammy. Did you sneak peaks at your dad's Playboy, too?

Tired Dean.

Drinking Dean.

Hello there, Sam.

Bobby is watching.

Back to the research for Sam.

Dean's so serious about brushing his teeth.

Uh oh...

Hi there Bobby.

Dean looks a little nervous.

What's the best approach when dealing with an old friend who's now a ghost?

Eyebrows up!

Nice view of Dean and the frosted mirror.

Ooops. Bobby cracked it.

Looks like Bobby's running the show now.

Love the two Deans on display here. :)

Hand!Porn! :D

The boys summoning Crowley.

Dean with his wrapped hand.

Howdy Crowley.

Nice image. I knew there was a fireplace in that cabin! *g*

Serious Sam.

Serious Dean.

Crowley leaves them the location of the Alpha Vamp.

Look at all the cool scrawlings on that table.

New jacket!!!! Nice shot of the boys filling up the car.

Love this cap of Sam.

Dean hand!flask!leatherjacket!porn! :D

LOL Dean's face. XD

Oh, Dean. No more pie for you. :(

He does not approve of Dick's new epidemic.

Love how he tries the old "it's natural" ploy.

Not gonna work, says Sam.

Back to the basics. Bananas and water.

Cool shot. If only that was the Impala.

The boys and Bobby.

Nice shot of both rooms. Emily's room is REALLY pink!

Talking to Emily.

I like how Dean gave her his jacket to wear.

More serious-faced Sam.

And serious-faced Dean.

Dean complaining that he can't eat rabbit food because he's a warrior. LOL

The boys spot a guy they can get blood from in the parking lot.

He's really enjoying that big slushy. Note the Penny Pluckywhistle t-shirt. *g*

And he's sitting on a Biggerson's bench.

Love Dean's expression here.

How convenient that Dean has a syringe on him.

There's that smirk again!

Nothing to see here folks. Just tapping this guy for his blood. Hee!

But if you're going to do this why use the hand?

Love this image of Dean in the car.


Boys in the car. :)

More boys in the car.

Dean handing the Vamptonite to Sam.

More hand!flask!porn!

An unhappy Bobby.

This is such a cool building.

Boys in the car, the daytime version. lol

Nice shot of Dean.

Shallow? Me? Nah... LOL

Nice cap of the boys sneaking up to the front door.

Sam finds the door open. How unusual that Sam's the first one in the door? Guess it's because they're doing it "his" way instead of Dean's guns blazing.

Frustrated Bobby.

It's the Alpha Vamp Daddy.

Love this set! Beautiful work by Serge & Jerry Wanek.

The boys are in trouble!

Love all the candles.

Little smirk from Dean.

So not cool hitting Dean like that! Owie! Similar shot to the one when Lucifer started beating him up in Swan Song.

Dean wiping off his mouth.

Nice shot of Dean looking at Sam.

A rare Sammy tongue cap!

Love shots like this where we get both their profiles.

Dean, Dean, Dean.

Dean seeing the young boy enter the room.

Alpha Vamp with his virgin children.

You gotta love how prepared Dean is. Plus, Jensen boot porn!!!!

Shall we go kill some vamps Sammy?

That staircase is beautiful.

As are the guys on it. *g*

Love it when the boys are all sneaky.

Watching each other's backs.

Dean saving Sam.

You can see gum in Jensen's mouth here. Hee! :P

Monster fight!

Dean looks pretty good here for being thrown over the table.

Pretty goblet of Alpha Vamp blood.

Sam wants the boy saved. What about Emily??? Too far gone, I suppose.

Dean staring down the Alpha Vamp.

Nice shot of the three.

Love how Dean's backlit by the candle light.

Remember that painting behind them? It was last seen in the Green Room when Dean was trapped there in Lucifer Rising.

This walk down the hall and finding the motel room open reminded me of S1's Shadow when the boys find John in their room.

Bag down, guns drawn.

Dean realizing their backs are up against the wall again. Putting all their faith in Crowley.

Nice shot with Dean's eyes closed.

Crowley trapped in Dick's office.

Dick with that creepy smile.

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