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SPN 7x23 Season Finale Promo Caps

This one went by pretty fast. Phew! Looks like it's going to be a nail-biter.

Who's excited? :D

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Impala baby!!!!!!

Sam: All we gotta do right now is get in and stop Dick.

Look at her roll!!!!

So glad to have the car back. *hugs her shiny body*

Dean sneaking into SucroCorp.

Dick unawares.

Crowley: Dick's not an idiot. He know what you two are after.

Based on the previous cap, that's Crowley's blood. Sam's hand. I'm pretty sure.

Pouring the blood on the bone. Who's bone, we still don't know.

Someone's getting shot at!

Oh, she did NOT just break one of baby's windows! Grrrrr.

Uh oh, Dean!

No!!!! Sammy!!!!

BOBBY????? No, Bobby, no!!!!

Performing the ritual.

Dean: We only get one shot.

Dean: Don't get killed.

Sam: Yeah, you too. *sniffs* Oh, boys! *clutches them*

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