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Taking Stock

I'm posting this using LJ's Scheduled Post feature. Let's hope it works.

I've been doing some thinking and re-evaluating lately and come to the conclusion that I'm spreading myself a bit too thin in some areas online.

Most specifically, Tumblr & LJ.

No, I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be on both sites, just not in so many places.

My LJ comm, atickettodream, hasn't taken off like I'd hoped and in reality I can't devote the amount of time to it as I'd like (you'll find that's a recurrent theme). As much as I wanted it to work, I think I'm better off posting a movie trailer or clip to my regular LJ every now and then.

I finally plan on shutting down my other filmmaking LJ (for those on my flist who remember it). Meant to do that last year, but it never got done. First I'd like to save the whole thing, just for nostalgia, so I have a copy of what I posted there.

As for the Tumblr side of things, my I Love Vancouver one was a great idea, but again it was hard to keep posting regularly. I think I'll do better just posting the occasional pic of Vancouver to my regular Tumblr: RoadToShambala.

I'll also be shutting down my other Tumblr, SPNOnLocation. Another once-cool idea that really isn't anymore because I can't post to it as often as I should. I think my SPN Locations List here on LJ will stand on it's own as a resource. Again, if I feel the desire to post any of this stuff to Tumblr I'll stick to using my original one.

Some of you on my flist might recall I also started a Tumblr for my photographs. I'll be taking that down as well. It wasn't posted to very often either and I'd rather continue to post pics here on LJ or on my Flickr account.

So there you have it. A thinning of the heard, you might say. :P
I go into these "projects" (for lack of a better word) with lots of enthusiasm and purpose, but RL situations often get in the way. I'm discovering that dealing with one LJ (and one comm) and one Tumblr sounds like plenty.

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