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Video: Jensen Interview At The CW Upfronts

Because I have to have this here. :)

I would've saved the youtube video but they took it down before I could even see it. Damn them! I would love to cap this. Anyone able to work their magic on getting a download for me? Pretty please???
Problem solved! Thanks mrsr58!

Source: Jensen Ackles: Mountain Man or Porn Star? Supernatural Stud Talks Big Changes Ahead - E! Online

Btw, I'm cool with the show moving to Wednesdays. Like Jensen says it's quite an honor for SPN, going from the night where most shows go to die and then being promoted to a better night.

And can I just say, the guys looked great on the red carpet? Especially Jensen in that silver/grey suit. YUM!
I sense an icon-making session coming on later. ;)

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, links, squee, supernatural, video
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