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SPN 7x23 "Survival Of The Fittest" Picspam

Sorry for this being a little late, but it's been a busy weekend.

A little bigger picspam this time, but I'm sure you won't mind. ;)

1. Crowley in Dick's trap.

2. Dick wants to make a deal.

3. Trick the Winchesters into using fake demon blood.

4. But there's paperwork to take care of first.

5. Sam thinks this is a crazy plan.

6. Dean argues his point.

7. Vengeful Bobby.

8. Seattle skyline in the background as they go over the deal.

9. Note Sam & Dean's names.

10. Looking for a righteous bone to use.

11. They settle on Sister Mary Constant.

12. Dean's always ready with an inappropriate phrase.

13. Waiting for Crowley.

14. Sam wondering what's going on.

15. Arched eyebrow of doom!

16. Meg says Cas is outside.

17. Cas is his new, usual mellow self.

18. Dean taking a moment to try and deal with the angel.

19. Cas talks of monkeys and lipstick.

20. Dean's still rockin' the handsome leather jacket.

21. The boys learn Kevin's been taken.

22. Cas couldn't hear the garrison any longer.

23. He goes off on tangents, but they learn the Levis are to blame.

24. Dean tries to get more info. from Cas.

25. Meg's worried about Crowley showing up.

26. Sure enough the King of Hell arrives.

27. He's not letting Meg get away.

28. Crowley meets the new Cas for the first time.

29. Dean's smirk as Crowley sees how crazy Cas is.

30. Cas offers Crowley some honey.

31. Dean wants to know if Crowley's going to offer up his blood.

32. Yes, no...maybe. Is it real or is it fake?

33. Can Crowley be trusted?

34. Bobby breaks loose from his host momentarily.

35. Kevin, still at Sucrocorp, gets a visitor.

36. Polly...with a Twizzler!

37. The boys complete the ritual with the blood and bone.

38. No thunder and lightening or anything.

39. Dean's wondering what that means.

40. Sam wonders the same thing.

41. Cas then shows up with sandwiches for the boys.

42. Dick still has his original arm.

43. Big meeting with the other Levis.

44. Note Ohio (where creator, Kripke is from) is highlighted for Beta Testing. :P

45. The boys still driving around in some strange old car.

46. Time to see what's going on inside the building.

47. Dean looking at the surveillance cameras.

48. Sam discovering there's multiple Dicks in the building.

49. Dick demonstrating a drug on Polly.

50. Vertically Challenged???

51. Dean doesn't like the idea of Sam confronting Bobby alone.

52. But all he can do is watch as little brother heads off alone.

53. Sam's getting choked. Must be SPN day. :P

54. Cool cap as Bobby backs out of his host just in time.

55. Flask and Dean hand porn! Yum! Btw, is that cover Bobby's or Dean's? They didn't burn it.

56. Back at the cabin to re-group.

57. Nice cap of Sam.

58. Cas still doesn't want to get involved.

59. Dean says, tough...you started this, you need to fix it.

60. Cas doesn't like confrontation and yelling. Can't help but giggle at this cap 'cause it looks like Cas has antlers. :P

61. He'd rather play Twister.

62. An apologetic Bobby appears.

63. It's time to say goodbye.

64. He wants them to finish the Levis 'cause it's the job and when their time comes, stay gone.

65. Sad Sam.

66. Sad Dean.

67. The boys prepare to burn the flask.

68. Bobby says his final goodbyes.

69. Burning the flask.

70. Very pretty flames.

71. We don't see Bobby go, just the orange glow.

72. Dean always looks pretty in any lighting. ;)

73. One last sad look at Sam.

74. Dean asks Cas to be his wingman for an errand.

75. I see the car under that tarp!

76. Dean accepts that Cas can't help.

77. Cas notes Dean's forgiveness.

78. He'll go with Dean to get Dick Roman.

79. Dean's pleased face.

80. Baby back on the road!

81. Awesome close-ups reminiscent of "Bloodlust".

82. All set to another excellent song.

83. Look at her go! Looks like this is by the trestle bridge.

84. Pretty spring (though it looks like fall) color, too.

85. Note that's not Meg driving. Ooopsie. And there's a person in the passenger seat. Hmmmm.

86. The dramatic crash through the sign.

87. I wonder if Dean knew that was part of the plan. 'Cause otherwise he's gonna be pissed.

88. Though the car seemed to survive pretty well.

89. Meg takes a few bullet hits.

90. Before taking out some Levis.

91. Dean searching for the real Dick.

92. Cas notes that's not the right one.

93. Meg captured by demons.

94. Sam finds Kevin.

95. Cas & Dean find the real Dick. Holy cow Dean's expression.

96. Dean is one scary dude when he wants to be.

97. Still working the badass I'm-here-to-kill-you face.

98. Love this face that I captured.

99. One great expression after another.

100. Jensen, your eyes are too green. Stop it. :P

101. Dick is unphased by the first bone attack.

102. But Dean has a back up plan.

103. Boned in the neck. Ouch!

104. At least that one worked.

105. Awesome special effects shot.

106. Sam and Kevin show up.

107. Pulsing. Very bad. Run away!!!!

108. Too late.

109. Sam and Kevin are the only ones left.

110. A smug and triumphant Crowley.

111. Sam wants to know where Dean is.

112. Poor Sam.

113. Crowley tells him he's now totally alone. :(

114. Oh, Sam. I hope you can find your brother soon!

115. Sam all alone.

116. Cas wakes up Dean.

117. This is not the lab anymore.

118. They're in Purgatory. o.O

119. Cas doesn't stick around long.

120. Dean's on his own.

121. And there's monsters growling in the forest.

122. Creepy red eyes through the trees.

123. This is bad. Very bad.

124. Dean all alone without his friend or his brother. :(

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