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Walking: Day 17 of 2012

Just a note: I actually walked last Friday, the 18th, but forgot to post about it here. :P

So technically this post should probably be labeled as "Day 18"...but whatever.
A rare day at home meant I was able to get some more exercise in. Felt like I walked 2 miles, but it wasn't quite that far. Ah, well. Anything close to or over 2 miles is good in my book. ;) The weather was fine: partly cloudy and with a nice, cooling breeze. Oh, btw last Friday on my walk? Came across a bunny! Never know what you're going to see in this neighborhood...eagle, chicken, bunny. :P
Now that my time of the month is ending (thank goodness!) my weight is settling back down to my new norm. Still would like to shave a few more pounds off. If I can keep up the walking at least weekly the next thing to concentrate on is the food. Need to watch my portions a little better than I have. Three months exactly today until VanCon! Eeep!

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 2.55
Time = 47 minutes
Calories = 216

Tags: one foot in front of the other, real life, vancon 2012, walking
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