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Summer To-Do List

So much to do, so little time. Posting this here as a helpful reminder to myself more than anything else. Most SPN fans are lamenting the fact that the show doesn't come back until October? I'm grateful for the extra time! LOL Look at what all I have to do in few short months.

♦ Finish updating (pretty much from scratch) the SPN Locations List on LJ, Google Maps, & Google Docs. [This needs to be finished by late August, before VanCon]
♦ Resume SPN Revealed posts for Season 2
♦ Finish capping Season 7 episodes
♦ Work on Season 6 Black & White Fanarts
♦ Work on Season 7 Black & White Fanarts
♦ Continue to cap BluRay episodes from Seasons 1-5
♦ Post remaining unshared icons
♦ Get hotel room reserved for VanCon
♦ Find & upload more BTS pics for spn_ontheset
♦ Organize files on PC // Clean out PC [Another item I'd like to have done before VanCon]
♦ Print photos for autos at VanCon
♦ Finish shopping for VanCon

I think that's the bulk of it. Obviously the LL and capping more episodes are my main priority. Did someone see where I put my capping-fu? *looks around*

I'm finding working on the LL to be somewhat difficult. I remember when I first built it. It was this simple list. Now it's more like a giant beast! Seven seasons is more than a little overwhelming, even if most of them are already done. The list was left incomplete last year, so I'm already further behind than I should be. Doesn't help that I'm finding out about new locations even back in Season 1.

Somehow I'll get it done though. *crosses fingers*

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