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Flist Exclusive: Album Download Blog

Came across an old music blog in one of my searches on Google a few days ago and thought I'd share it with all of you. It'll be added to my Raloria's Resources Music Page eventually.


There's a wealth of music here. We're talking thousands upon thousands of albums. Just check out that list of months in the Archive. I've been going through them page after page for the past 3 days and I'm only on May of 2009. I've downloaded 14 albums thus far.

Some Things To Know Before You Go:

:: The selection here runs the gamut: from Classical to Hard Rock, Oldies, Country, even a few soundtracks. Lots of Classic Rock, too (Metallica, Scorpion, Motorhead, etc.) [Sam: "It's the greatest hits of Mullet Rock."]
:: Sadly there are no tags. You'll have to be patient and determined and search through the whole Archive - if you are crazy enough like me want to.
:: Most links are RapidShare...and most are no longer active, but you'd be surprised to find that some are still around and downloadable.
:: A lot of the Album photos no longer appear on the blog. You'll even find some weird pics in their place. I only found 2 that are NSFW.
:: Most downloads don't need a password, but there are a few that require one for extracting the files. Make note if yours does.

Have fun and happy music hunting! :)

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