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Tales From Auntie's House: A little chilly here

It's kinda like old times. No heat in the house tonight. Yep, in my aunt's house where mom & I are currently living.

Why, you ask? The power company has been doing some work out on the street in front of the house. They've been doing it all over the neighborhood for months. Replacing old gas lines with new ones. They finally got to us and of course they had to turn off our gas to do it. Turns out they uncovered a big leak. They're even going to need an extra day (tomorrow) to finish fixing it. We've been assured there's no danger and they did patch it before leaving today.

Anyway, mom & I were out and about (dr. appointment in the morning, shopping in the afternoon) and were told by one of the workers that we can get our gas turned back on tomorrow. Gave us a number to call and everything. So tonight we're a little chilly in our once warm and cozy refuge from our own ice box of a house. :P

Luckily it doesn't get as cold as it did a few months ago. About in the upper 40s, I think. Still, I'm glad I didn't get a chance to take some of my heavy winter sweaters back over to the house. I'm wearing one of them now and I'm still not at my ideal temperature. The heater comes on every once in a while, but it just blows cold air. Big help! :P

Btw, mom's doing a lot better now. The breast is healing up nicely and it's looking so much better. The itching side effect from the one anti-biotic she was given over a month ago is almost gone. And best of all...the Dr. appointments are easing up. One more next Monday and then one next month. May was crazy with them, so this is a big relief! We can get back to a bit of normal around here. As normal as one can be living in a house that's not your own, with your belongings and clothes in plastic bags and luggage.

I finally had enough the other day and moved my shirts into dresser drawer in "my room". All these months they've been stacked up in 4 piles on top of a box. I took my aunt's clothes out of the drawer (putting it on her bed) and moved my stuff in. It's a small thing, but it makes me feel a little better. I can hear my aunt now...wondering why I waited this long. :P Truth is, I didn't really think it right before to just "move in". Even mom's mentioned it. But the reality of the situation is that we are here. We're living here and in some ways we do need to make it our own and work for us. Last week I finally got our food moved into cabinets and the pantry in the kitchen. Before a lot of it had been in paper bags on the floor. We'd been trying to keep "our" food separate from my aunt's leftover food (canned and frozen stuff). But now we're considering it as all our stuff. It's not like we're getting rid of anything and taking over the joint. We're just moving things around to accommodate ourselves better. We still hope to be able to get out of here, but the question of when is still up in the air. Especially with VanCon coming up fast and the darned weather still being wishywashy, the timeframe of when we can work on cleaning out our own house is questionable. Didn't help that mom had her own health issues to deal with over the past couple of months.

Meanwhile, we still haven't gotten to my cousin K's house to see the baby! Hopefully soon though.

Gosh. Look at me rambling on. A little update turned into a long-winded one. :P

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