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Poll: Should I move the SPN Locations List to a community?

Time for a little break from working on the old LL (Locations List). I thought I'd pose a question to you all. For a while now I've been considering moving the list over to an LJ community.

Pluses and minuses? Well on the plus side, in opening the comm up to fellow mods, they'd be able to help me update and maintain the list. It being seven seasons long, there's plenty of work to go around. I was also thinking people could recount their own adventures in hunting down filming locations. It could also be a place for people to find others to drive around with while in the Vancouver area. As far as minuses go...well, I'd be relinquishing some control over my baby. Thing is the baby's grown up and it's getting a little hard for me to handle. LOL I think I need some nannies! :P

The main goal, of course, is for the list to be more useful to people. :)
So what do you think? I'm eager for your opinion and any ideas you may have.

SPN Filming Locations Community Yes/No?

Yes! That'd be awesome!
No. Leave it where it is on your journal.
Either way is fine. It's your baby. Do what you want.
Oooh. Tickie. Must. Click.

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