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Caps of Jensen signing autos @ AFGM from 2007

Caps requested by borgmama1of5 with permission granted by agt_spooky. Thanks ladies! :D

I bring you caps of agt_spooky's video of Jensen signing autographs outside of the theater for "A Few Good Men", back in 2007. You can see her re-post of the video: HERE

The quality and the resolution wasn't the greatest and the only time Jensen is visible is when the camera flashes go off, but I did what I could. I did enlarge the caps slightly. :)


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Download the set of 52 caps: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m8ofol

AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_03 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_06
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_07 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_11
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_15 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_18
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_20 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_23
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_27 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_28
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_32 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_36
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_42 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_45
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_46 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_50
AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_51 AFGMJAAutos_agt_spookyVid_52

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