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Poll: VanCon comm/Tumblr?

It's late at night, I'm tired and slightly bored. So my brain gets to thinking about things. That's always dangerous. :P

I got to wondering if there was any LJ comm or Tumblr blog for VanCon. Yes, technically, there is one on LJ, but that's for announcements of the upcoming VanCon. My idea is to make a place to share pictures and such about the past 3 VanCons...along with anticipating this year's con. ;)

It’ll be a place for people to share photos, videos, stories, and more. Sure, all the SPN cons are special, but there is something extra special about the ones in Vancouver. They film there, the crew is there, and it’s a beautiful city.

I posted about this on Tumblr as well because I think this idea could work well there, too. But I really don't expect any response to my question over there. I know my LJ family won't let me down for responses. ;)

What do you think? Brilliant idea or am I totally nuts?
Please be honest. :)

Do you like the idea of an LJ community for VanCon?

Yes! That would be awesome!
No. Not interested.
Are you out of your mind???
What is VanCon?
How about on Tumblr instead?

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