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6 Year LJ Anniversary

Hard to believe this journal has existed this long. Goodness knows I've come close to shutting it down a few times, but you've all reminded me of why I'm here. The things I post do matter. I have friends who care about me. I thank you all for giving me a home.

Here's how it all started back in 2006 with my first post. I was such an LJ newbie.:

Fade in...

This whole journey into online journaling is new to me, so please be kind.

I just finished yet another quarter of college, so I'm feeling a bit adventurous. I'm not going to make any guarantees here. This journal is basically an experiment. I don't have any specific goals for it except as a place to talk about my interests. Those current interests would be the TV series Supernatural, any dvds I happen to view, music, filmmaking (although I just started another online journal for that...shhhhh), writing, and who knows whatever else.

By the way..."You Just Can't Quit" is the title of a Rick Nelson song. Just a little bit of interesting trivia for those of you who come across this journal. To those of you who visit, welcome!

Here's the song that gave this journal it's name.


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