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Birthday Thank You's

This is a long overdue post and I apologize for taking so long with expressing my gratitude for all the messages and posts about my birthday last Wednesday. Real life got busy last week and I'd often come home already tired and unable to do much of anything online.

I hope I was successful in personally thanking everyone and if I missed anyone I am sorry! Hopefully this post will take in everybody.

Thank you for the lovely Virtual Gifts from: tracys_dream, peepingdru, dugindeep, silverblaze85, jaimeykay, & neroli66.

Thank you for the birthday messages on Twitter from: Bardicvoice, PollySPN, cowboyangel, smokencharlie, kristyl_, MelanieDesi, peepingdru, and keyweegirlie.

Thank you for the LJ Personal Messages from: neej61, oanaspn, pinkphoenix1985, animotus, cowboyangel, sammy8285, mymuseandi, lisaj67, junebug88_spn, anifsemaj, enablelove, alwaysateen, ugahill, & stiang.

Thank you for the LJ Birthday posts from: cordelia_gray, jennygeee, casey28, jessm78, 1_rhiannon_1, spn_bigpretzel, a_phoenixdragon, ina_ami, agt_spooky, daisychain1957, x5vale, metallidean_grl, tracys_dream, mrsr58, seesmooshrun, cologne_chick, & princess_schez.

Extra special thanks to wild-and-bright for the birthday message and hello on Tumblr and to silverblaze85 for the 2 paid months to my account here at LJ. Mwah! *hugs you tight* :D
And to my dear friends wynefred & womanofletters for writing me a wonderful fanfic! Not only did you write a sweet story, but you incorporated various things that are special to me (Dean washing the Impala & taking his shirt off *guh*, the water guns *hello? VanCon 09*, even the lasagna). I don't know if they were intentional or not, but my heart filled with joy over all those special touches. I LOVED IT! Such a surprise. ♥ :D

Go and read "There'll Be Peace" for yourself: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8212704/1/

Thank you all for making my birthday extra special!


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