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I'm a diehard SPN Fan: My 2 cents

I've had to make posts like this before and over the past day or so I've felt the need to voice my opinion on the matter again. It'll probably backfire on me, but whatever. I've been under attack before.

I think the thing that got under my skin the most was reading tweets yesterday which gave me the impression that I shouldn't love SPN anymore, that Season 7 was awful, that I'm a bad fan for accepting what the show gives us. Yeah, there's a group out there saying that Season 7 sucked and they're already ganging up to send letters to the writers to get Season 8 the way they want it.

Phooey, I say.

I loved Season 7. I've loved all the seasons of SPN. That shouldn't mean I'm a bad fan just because I'm happy with what we've gotten. Are there things I wish hadn't happened or wish they had, but didn't? Sure. But when I get a thrill from watching a new episode each week I'm not looking at the little things that weren't right. Does that mean every episode is supposed to be perfect? No. I don't expect it to be. Each episode is part of the bigger story. I realize if something didn't quite add up this week, next week it probably will. As viewers, we don't know what the show's grand plan is. We like to think we know, thanks to spoilers and such, but guess what? A lot of those spoilers that get leaked? Totally wrong! Happens every season. So it's best not to believe everything you read or hear. More often than not, it won't come to fruition by the time we see the aired episode.

Sometimes fans complain when a certain character doesn't act normally. That's character development folks. We all change...and not always in the ways we should. We should expect nothing less from our favorite characters on TV. Each episode is not a story in and of itself. It's only a small passage in a larger volume, one we don't know the ending to yet. A lot of people will claim the writers are making all this up as they go along. In some part, yes, they are. But they still know where they want certain things to end up. They'll string us along episode by episode until we end up there and we know what they've seen all along.

I also get upset when fans think they have a real voice with the writers and producers of the show. Sure, we can voice our opinions about a certain character and they might very well listen and make changes. But that doesn't mean we can sway their opinions on everything. We're not the ones writing this show and we shouldn't pretend that we are.

Me? I take a "wait and see" approach.

Sure, back in Season 4 I freaked out when they announced there would be another Winchester brother. I even made a video about the horror of the idea (which I've since taken down). But sure enough, the character was not what I expected and by the end of "Jump The Shark" I found myself liking Adam. He didn't stick around, he didn't impede on Sam & Dean's relationship, and I was quite happy when they brought him back in "Point Of No Return". Remember how absurd Edlund's idea of a living teddy bear seemed at the beginning? Yet we all loved the craziness of a suicidal bear in "Wishful Thinking". It proves that just when you think the show can't pull something off, they do. You also can't predict what they're going to do with the characters or the plot. Sure, they'll leave us clues as to which direction they might go in, but sometimes they'll pull away and take us in an entirely different place. That's what keeps the show fresh and fun.

I'm not about to predict how Season 8 is going to be. Just because someone said Sam & Dean would be apart, doesn't mean that's what will happen. Even if they do spend some time apart it won't be for the entire season. Besides, there's been a few episodes where the boys were apart that were very good ("The Usual Suspects" for example). It shakes things up a bit, makes the characters deal with different situations (which is always good character-developmentwise). However, we haven't seen an episode yet. It's all rumor and speculation. I sit back and enjoy the ride for what it is. I have faith that the writers will take us down the path they've planned and that I'll enjoy it. I'm not about to go into the season all doom & gloom. What fun would that be? Sure, the boys are in a bad place right now, separated, Dean in Purgatory, Sam not knowing where he is. But I'm also excited to see how they get out of this mess. Will I be disappointed if we don't see much of Purgatory? Meh. Yeah, but I also know that the show doesn't have a big budget, that they're under tight time constraints for filming. Today is the first day of production on Season 8. The early scripts have already been written and now it's time to find locations and plan out the shooting schedule for the first episode or two. They'll start filming on July 9th.

The direction of Season 8 is already taking course....and I know there's nothing I can do about that.

I'm a fan, not a writer. My job: watch the show.
If I don't like the show there's plenty of other ones on the TV.

I also look at it this way...Jensen & Jared have sometimes questioned the writers and producers about a scene or an episode. Sure, they sometimes can get things changed, but I also know that doesn't happen every time. Usually they're asked to simply trust that things will go well. Read the lines and do the scene as it's written. They don't know the grand plan anymore than we do. They have to trust that the show will head in a satisfying direction. If they can't always sway the writers and producers what makes you think we fans can?

I love SPN and I'm with it for as long as it's on the air (and beyond *g*).
I love it for all it's mistakes and silly plot holes.
I still consider it the best show on television.

My advice? Relax. Don't presume Season 8 is going to suck. In fact, don't presume anything. We'll find out the tone of Season 8 once the episodes start to air. Even then, things won't be all that they seem. They'll twist and turn and who knows how the season will end?

Isn't that exciting? :)

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