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To clarify...

About my earlier 2 Cents post.

♦ It is true that some people don't like SPN and seem to seek enjoyment in simply complaining about it and making life miserable for fans of the show. You can't deny that this true. What is the point of reveling in so much negativity?

♦ However, I feel everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own feelings. People who dislike the show or certain seasons of SPN can voice those feelings. I, in turn, should be able to express my love for it without being made to feel that I'm not a true fan because I'm accepting what it is.

♦ Where I draw the line is when people want to turn SPN into their own vision of the show. This is what fanfiction and fanart are for. The people who create the show have their jobs to do. All I ask is we trust them and let them do it without any suggestions from this "Silent Majority" (who, btw do NOT speak for me!). After all, it's given us 7 seasons so far. It's working fine.

If you disagree with me and feel we can no longer co-exist on LJ, feel free to defriend.

Tags: ramblings, supernatural
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