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I've got Dean's skull bracelet!!!

Well, almost. It's very similar. :D

Mom & I were out shopping at Kohl's. I hardly ever find anything there, but we thought we'd give it a shot anyway. Sure enough - 3 tops tried on, 3 strike-outs. However, I've been trying to find some more silver bracelets (I love bracelets, if you don't know *g*), especially before VanCon because I've only got one I bought before last year's con. So we spent the next hour looking at their jewelry section. What a treasure trove! So many colors and styles. :)

I was very successful, buying 4 individual bracelets and then a pack of 7 together. The skull bracelet is in this pack. The second I saw it I knew I'd be buying it. My brain went, "OMG Dean's bracelet!!!!!" I was squeeing and carrying on and mom was wondering what my problem was. LOL Even when I explained she thought I was nuts. But it's like his bracelet!!! This is a big deal!!! I have the amulet necklace from Creation now all I'm missing is the ring. Hee!

I already posted a close-up pic of the bracelet on Twitter, but you guys get a 2nd pic w/me included. Sorry about the poor quality, I used my laptop camera. :P

SkullBracelet Me&SkullBracelet

Here's the bracelet set w/the skull bracelet on Kohl's website.
All the bracelets I bought were on sale, such a sweet deal! And this set is normally $18, now $10.80. :)

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