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And now for something completely different...

I don't normally post food reviews, but sometimes one has to make an exception.

Mom & I spotted these at our local grocery store a few weeks ago and thought we'd give them a try. We bought a box of the Banana Nut and the Chocolate Almond. I like soft-baked cookies, so they certainly attracted me.


We've each tried both flavors and we've decided they're very poor-tasting. I described it to my mom as being like "sawdust mixed with cardboard". They're more dry than moist, being very crumbly. They have to be some of the worst cookies I've ever tasted. If I was starving on a desert island I think I'd rather die than eat these. Mom (who hates to throw out any food, even stuff that isn't that good) has told me these need to be tossed into the garbage.

If you see these in the store my advice is to stay away! Bleh. :(

/ Of public service announcement.

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