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SPN Season 7 DVD Images & Features Info.

Prompted by a post I spotted on Tumblr, I went hunting for an image of the back of the box for the upcoming Season 7 DVD set. Amazon had it, of course and I'm very excited by what I found!

:: Clicky on the first 2 images for larger ::

Have I mentioned how much I love this cover? I LOVE this cover! The only thing missing is Baby, but seeing as how she was gone a lot of the season I guess that makes sense. *le sigh* Still, it's a kick-ass picture. I approve. :D

Now we get to the good stuff, the goodies. Whoo-hoo!!!!

I cropped it for easy reading. Three commentaries!!! Woot! We haven't had that many in a while. And hello? Jensen's gotta be on the commentary for "The Girl Next Door"! *squee* Really excited about the featurette on the directors, too. *glees* And we get to hear from the composers! Awesome! I loved the music on "Time After Time". OMG An outtake of Jensen doing the Air Supply song! Deleted scenes!!! Another thing we haven't gotten in a while! Yes!!!! After all that the Gag Reel is just the cherry on top. I can't wait for this set to come out in September!!!!


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