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I went into this summer hiatus with the best of intentions. Plans were made along with promises. I was going to finish capping the remaining Season 7 episodes, continue to cap Seasons 1-5 on BluRay, make and post B&W Fanarts from Season 5, and get back to SPN Revealed for Season 2.

Utter and complete fail. :(

The SPN Locations List has taken up nearly all of my time online. At this point it's still unclear whether it'll be completed by my deadline of August 13th. My volunteers and I are certainly giving it our best, but sometimes it's hard for me to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep up with my regular posts, run my comm, and prepare for VanCon. Then there's RL stuff that crops up.

I seem to have lost my capping-fu again and as long as the Locations List (LL) is high priority I can't justify spending 3-5 hours capping an episode. The same can be said for making the fanarts and other projects. I wish there were more hours in the day, but I'm only one person.

Still...I regret making promises I can't fulfill and for letting any of you down.

Sorry Comments

All I can say, is that once VanCon is over (and I have a few days to recover - lol) that I'll do what I can to resume capping Season 7 and get to these other projects. Luckily, with SPN not returning until October, I'll have a little time.

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