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My 3-Days-Late-OMG-SPN's-Filming-Again Squeefest Post...and a Poll

Yes. I'm late. *hangs head in shame and hands over fangirl card*
But we're only 3 days into filming Season 8. That's not too bad, right? *grabs fangirl card & clutches it*

All feels right in my world again. The boys are back up north in Vancouver, a mere 160 miles away. SPN is back in production and magic is happening. *happy sigh*

The other reason I'm posting is to ask your opinion about my Filming Titles & Dates post I'll be putting up soon for Season 8.

I'm thinking of adding in some other info. such as what days they're filming in studio or out on location (and where, if I find out).

Is this too much info.? I figure if you're checking out the post and seeing the episode titles you're not too much of a spoiler-phobe. Am I right?

For example we could have this for an episode:
8x01 - "Episode Title" (Filming from July 12th to July 23rd)
[Day 1: Studio, Day 2: at Riverview, Day 3: on Main St. in Ft. Langley]

Edit: Just to clarify, the post will have a cut, so all the info. will be hidden under that. It'll be like this sticky post from last season. Just the graphic outside of the cut. If you don't wanna know anything, you don't click on it. Just that simple. Throughout the season I'll update it and post about the updates. Seriously, people. Have I ever posted anything spoilery outside of cut?

What do you think?

Should I post filming info. for Season 8 along w/Titles & Filming Dates?

Yes! :)
No. :(
Ooooh Clickie!

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