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Time for some memes

Got back from my walk to find my flist doing a meme. Thought I'd give it (and a couple of others a try). :P
Boo! to the site for not having the results in HTML though. :(

How Old Do You Act?

You are : 35

You are an adult and dont tolerate any nonsense. You dont have much time to hang out with any friends and your favorite pastime is reading.

Take the How Old Do You Act? quiz at Quizopolis.com

What Is Your Most Lovable Quality?

You are : Intelligent

You are extremely smart and are a huge help in any type of situation. This is why people love having you around.

Take the What Is Your Most Lovable Quality? quiz at Quizopolis.com

What Type Of Friend Are You?

You are : The Tell-it-like-it-is Friend

Your friends appreciate your down to earth attitude. You always are honest with your friends when they come to you for advice.

Take the What Type Of Friend Are You? quiz at Quizopolis.com

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