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Comic Con 2012: My thinky thoughts & theories about SPN Season 8

It's been an afternoon full of favoriting Tweets, drooling over pics of Jensen & Jared, and thinking about what's to come in Season 8.

I have a love/hate relationship with Comic Con every year. So much squee, but I get nothing done all day. Why do the boys have to be so darned handsome & distracting? LOL

Ok, I'm not going to quote things I read from the panel at Comic Con word for word here. If you wanna know more check out the great report from The Huffington Post.


What we know in a nutshell:

  • Dean returns from Purgatory quickly. We don't know how.
  • We don't know where Cas disappeared to when he and Dean landed in Purgatory.
  • Sam's gone back to a normal life (w/a love interest) while Dean's been gone and a year has gone by. o.O
  • Crowley, Dean, & Sam are all going after the same thing this season. Some kind of "power source".
  • Purgatory will be shown/learned about through flashbacks throughout the season.
  • The boys have each made relationships during their time apart.

A few important points from the panel via The Huffington Post:

This season's theme

Carver: In the past, the boys have been reacting to things at the beginning of a season -- this season they start off on offense. It ties into the overarching mythology of the show. They are very much united in going after this one thing, notwithstanding the luggage they bring from their time apart.
Edlund: The boys, Crowley, Kevin, they're all involved in a chase for a power source -- it will introduce a game-changing element that we've already seen hints of.

New characters

"The strength of the show is the bond between these two brothers and despite everything that's gone on in the past, at their core, their humanity. I think they're as open to new relationships and new things as anyone," Carver says. "When they were separated at the end of last season it's had a profound impact on both of them. They'll each carry with them what happened in their summer apart. The relationships they've made will be very important in the future."
"And they're kind of emotional shut-ins who have to learn how to relate to other people," Edlund adds. "Relationships are hard to chart, we're trying to get into real human relationships. And machetes also."

So here's my take on all this...

Sounds like Sam either figures out what's happened to Dean and can't get him out of Purgatory or he assumes Dean is dead and moves on with his life. This means something/someone else busts Dean from Purgatory. Interesting. Maybe Cas figures out a way to get them out?

I'm all for Dean coming back to earth quickly and telling about Purgatory with flashbacks (nightmares, too, perhaps?). Most of all, I want Dean's time there to affect him during the season. Much like back in Season 4 when he drank a lot and had nightmares...I want whatever he went through in Purgatory to sort of haunt him, mess with his head. Jensen's great at that stuff. *g*

As for Sam, I'm curious to see how the new love interest pans out. Will she survive or be another of Sam's dead former girlfriends? Does he tell her about his hunting life or does he keep it from her? What happens when Dean returns? Lots of possibilities.

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure more thoughts will be brought about through comments. ;)
Either way, I'm really looking forward to what this season has to offer! So much potential!

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