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Friggin' Hell!!!!

Been working on the SPN Locations List all afternoon...for hours. Now thankfully, I DID save the post once during my session. But after doing more work, I thought it best to save it again...and LJ gave me the Entry-is-too-big Error!!! WTH??? 1237373utapqan9n9

So I've lost that work. sSa_wah
Ugh. Awful. Now I've gotta figure out how to fix this. Season 6 was already divided in half (as all the other, prior seasons are on the list). Now I have to divide it into thirds?!?!? That sucks! But I guess it has to be done. *heavy sigh*

This means MORE work. Just what I didn't need.

Not cool, LJ. So not cool. *wants to send Dean to kick LJ's ass* sAng_gonnablow

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