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VanCon 2011: Autographs

Yes, I'm way overdue in posting the autographs I got from the guests at last year's VanCon. RL got crazy and it simply got lost and forgotten about. The important thing is that I'm sharing them before this year's con. Right? Right. ;)


Keep in mind these aren't exactly in the order I got them in and that it's been a whole year and I'm probably not remembering everything or even recalling things correctly. :P

I used mostly my own printed out collages this time around. I seem to remember Alona asking me if I ever sang the song "Valerie". Heh. I told her no, that I knew of it, but never sang it. She said I probably should. :P

I didn't interact much with Chad (that happened during the photo-ops *g*). Such a cool dude.

Love that Richard added the "Snap!" to his autograph. Nice! :)

Corin's autograph is impressive, huh? He tried to do something special for everyone. I didn't leave him much room, so he went vertical. He liked that I included a pic of him with the demon eyes.

Steven is such a gentleman, such a delight. I didn't say much to him outside of thank-you, but he has a way of making you feel special in only a few seconds.

It's always cool when the guests personalize the autos. Again, I don't remember saying much to Seb, but he was very nice. :)

I couldn't wait to get Matt to sign this pic I took of him in 2010 (that he is now using as his Twitter avatar and has been for over a year!). I told him about it and he said he likes to use photos by fans.

I recall thanking Misha for a wonderful time on the cruise the previous night. It was PERFECT! :D

Dontcha just love Chris Heyerdahl's autograph? So cool!

So happy I got to meet and briefly chat with Director, Guy Bee. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it because I had hurt my neck earlier that day and was in terrible pain! I wished I had been able to talk w/him longer, but by the time I got up there I'd been standing in line for so long I couldn't wait to go sit down. Guy's very nice and friendly with the fans though and he seemed to really like my collage from Frontierland. :)

Since I got a Comic Con bag from corellian_sugar, I decided it was THE thing to have the boys sign. Glad I did. Didn't say much to either of them though I did comment on the watch Jensen was wearing and he told me it worked by body movement. Very cool.

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