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VanCon 2011: Photo-Ops

Late in posting, but I don't think you'll mind. Better late than never, right? Though if you follow me on Facebook you've already seen these. *g*

Unlike in years post, I'm only posting my photo-ops to you, my Flist. Don't really like seeing my pics on Google and yes, they've shown up there from past years. Awkward.

So glad I went for the duo photo-op with these two, even though I'd never met Chad before. I've chatted with him a few times on Twitter, about how we're both from Washington and such. So when I stepped up for the photo, I mentioned being from WA and right away he wanted to know from where. So I told him, "A place you probably don't know about...Kent." Right away he said, "Oh, I know Kent! I'm originally from Puyallup." *squee* :D Poor Alona! She was like, "Well, never mind me over here." *jokingly* Anyway, we had a fun little moment before the picture was taken.

Richard's such a fun guy. Bet he's tired of people being taller than him though...even me. lol

Lookie! Seb's taller than me! Nice! :D

I remember Steven saying "Look at that smile. Look at that smile." as I walked over to him. He's not the first guest to comment on my smile when I come up for photo-ops. Why shouldn't I smile? I'm getting a photo with these amazing people. :D

Why is my shoulder up? Gah! Weird. Anyway, a plus about a photo with Matt is you get to feel that awesome body of his. *guh*

Ah, the Misha photo-op. As you may know, I've been trying to get a good photo with him since back on 09. None of them have been good. In 09 he didn't smile, in 2010 I didn't smile. I was determined to get a good one for once! So when I stepped up this time I told him about our past two failed photos. Misha said, "So this time neither of us should smile!" LOL "Nooo!!!!" I said. So here it is. I finally got a good photo with him. So happy. :D

Chris is so tall! OMG He's so quiet and gentle though. You'd never imagine he'd have what it takes to be evil Alastair.

I've tried the past couple years to get a hug back from Jensen. No such luck again. I give up. *sigh* We'll go back to the standard side-by-side this year. Not a horrible pic, at least he's smiling nicely.

I really like this pic with the boys. Better than 2010 and maybe even better than 09. At the time it felt like they were both pressed so tight and close to me, but alas, you can't tell that at all in this pic. I still remember how it felt though! *dreamy sigh* :D

Not sure what happened here. Jared, why didn't you smile? *sigh* Guess he wasn't quite ready yet. Gah. Oh, well. Gotta another nice hug from him though, so it's not a total loss. :P

Here we go! THE photo-op. The Jensen-Misha photo-op was a last minute add-on by Creation last year and I jumped at it. Another photo with Jensen? Sign me up! *g* I remember being in line with metallidean_grl and we were noticing the gals ahead of us were getting "sandwich" shots. So we figured....why not go for it? She went first, but honestly, I didn't really remember her pic. I was busy preparing myself (you know how you do). I think it was during this photo-op that E tried to ask Jensen about his bracelet. Well, I'd already stepped up there and as she's trying to get an answer from Jensen (and as the Creation gal was getting ready to push E out of the room. LOL) I realized....Duh, Jensen's right in front of you! So I started staring & drooling looking at him. Sadly, it was very short-lived. E was moved along and I stepped up between Jensen & Misha and asked if I could have a sandwich shot. Jensen said, "Okay." and grabbed onto me, pulling me toward him and then Misha plowed right into me from behind! OMG Thus the startled look on my face here. LMAO I swear I felt Jensen's face against mine for a few seconds. *sighs* It was heavenly. If I hadn't been sweating so bad I would've enjoyed it more, but OMG that was amazing!!! My neck was still killing me at this point but during those few seconds of the photo I was feeling NO pain! LOL This might not be my best looking photo-op, but it's certainly the most memorable one. :D

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