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SPN Revealed - 1.06 Skin

Think you know every SPN episode inside and out? So did I, but a new HDTV with a great picture and sound changed all that. I started to see things that I'd never noticed before. After a while I decided to make a list of all the things big and small that I came across, episode by episode.

I'd like to think of this as an in-depth look into Supernatural. It's a collection of interesting observations, continuity errors, goofs, filmmaking techniques, statistics, important (or not so important) information, trivia, and anything else that struck me as unusual.

In which episode did Dean first kick in a door?
How many episodes has Sam been the coffee boy?
In which episodes can you see a crew member or the camera?
When do Jared & Jensen do their own stunts and when do we see their stunt doubles?

You'll learn the answers to these questions and many more.

I'll be examining each episode in order, one at a time. Some of the info. will probably be well known to most of you, but I hope to point out some new discoveries as well.

All the caps in these posts are my own. While most of these will not be suitable for other uses, due to my cropping and highlighting, you're free to take any that you like. All I ask is that you give me credit for them. Thanks! :D

Beware! This post is very image heavy.

Dean drives right through a stop sign when he turns around to go back to St. Louis.

Sign on the kitchen counter: "When In Doubt Add More Wine".

During the kitchen scene when Rebecca leaves to get the apartment keys, there's a weird shadow that moves across Jensen's face. I'm thinking it could be a crew member moving at the end of Jensen's CU. The caps really don't capture it very well. I'd advise watching that part of the scene to really see it.

Coffee Watch: Dean leaves the top on his coffee when he and Sam investigate the street (perhaps because he was driving the car?). Can't be spilling coffee all over his precious baby's interior.

After the 1st scene in the sewers, Dean opens the trunk and hands Sam the keys. This explains why Shapeshifter Dean asks for them later.

Regular Feature: Trunk Prop: Dean props up the trunk interior on the left side.

When Dean hands Sam the gun before the two re-enter the sewers, it's different than the one Sam usually uses. It has a black grip as opposed than the usual cream or pearl handled versions we normally see.

Continuity Error: Of course, we all know this major error. They enter the sewers in the daylight and before you know it they're leaving it when it's night.

I'll admit this one is a little sketchy. For the longest time I thought that Shapeshifter Dean hit Sam with a shovel from the trunk. Then when I was capping for this post, I could see it's actually a crowbar. Either way, it's difficult to see him actually have the crowbar in his hand before he hits Sam with it. It's just sort of instantly there!

Edit (Aug. 28, 2008): This was pointed out to me by sarahk_63, but I caught the first part of it (and the bit about the tarp) myself when looking it up. :)

Continuity Error: In the scenes of Sam tied up in the Shapeshifter's lair, the placement of the ropes holding him keep changing.

In the first scene, where Shapeshifter!Dean is antagonizing the younger Winchester, the ropes in the middle are below his shoulders.

At the beginning of the scene where Dean awakes also tied up, we first see Sam with the tarp still partly across his body. Note that the ropes are still below his shoulders as they should be from the first cap with the Shapeshifter.

By the next cut of Sam, we can't see the tarp, but must assume it's still there. Note the ropes still below his shoulder.

After the quick cut to Dean, we cut back to Sam and the tarp is magically gone. Also note the ropes across his chest. One is above his shoulder at an angle and the other is well below his shoulder.

The ropes are still in the same position at the end of the scene when Dean says the Shapeshifter picked the handsome one.

After the scene between Shapeshifter!Dean & Rebecca, we return to the brothers still trying to free themselves. In the first shot of Sam, the ropes are correct based on how we last saw them....split, with one above his shoulder.

However, after a cut to Dean, the ropes have moved once again to where they're both just below Sam's shoulder.

The ropes then remain this way for the rest of the scene....

even as Dean comes to untie his brother.

Just before the SWAT Team bursts into the house, you can see Shapeshifter Dean's reflection in a blood-splattered mirror as he approaches a beaten & bloody Rebecca.

When Dean is at the car trunk before finding Rebecca in the sewer, we see him do the little cartridge tap on the gun for the first time.
Regular Feature: Trunk Prop:We also see him prop up the trunk interior on the left side in this shot.

Continuity Error: Just before the fight Sam's legs are tied, but he only cuts the ropes on his hands and then gets up with his legs untied.

During the fight scene there's a few instances where you can see Jensen & Jared's stunt doubles, but most of the time it is actually the guys.
You can see Jared's stunt double in this shot.

And that's him again in this shot after the flip.

Naturally his stunt double did the bit of Sam being kicked into the shelves.

This looks like Jensen's stunt double in this shot.

Obviously the stunt doubles stepped in for this final fall onto the coffee table.

You can see Jensen's stunt double when Dean shoots Shapeshifter Dean and he hits the wall.

Continuity Error: The dead Shapeshifter Dean's body changes position after Dean shoots it. In the first shot, the stunt double's head is resting on the block (or whatever that thing is). In the second shot, showing Jensen, his head is hanging way over the edge. There's also a difference in the lighting. The stunt double's face is in shadow and Jensen's face has bright light on it.

Edit (Aug. 28, 2008): Also pointed out by the_other_sandy, when Shapeshifter!Dean first falls dead you can't see the amulet (around the stunt double's neck), but in the next CU (showing Jensen laying there) you can see it clearly on his chest.

You can also see evidence of the optical effects work done to get Jensen in this shot with himself. The graininess on Shapeshifter Dean is evidence of this.

Hope you enjoyed this revealing look at Skin.

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